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Bass Fishing for Beginners

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Nov 20, 2017 10:27:52 AM



For those of you who are vetted in fishing know that not only is it a healthy past-time, but its equally relaxing. Anyone of any age can get out there on the waters to reel in fish. Whether you’re just looking to begin to learn how to fish, or if you’ve already caught a few already in your day, you should enter our sweepstakes to spend a day fishing with professional bass fisherman, Joe Thomas! In order to fish like a pro, you should take the opportunity to learn from a pro.

Whether you become a lucky winner or not, here are our beginner tips for getting out there on the water!

The Bait

Start small, don’t be fooled by sales representatives at your local fishing stores. Select a few shallow diver and deep diver crankcaits, as they are the most competitive in price and they catch fish. Make sure the colors are shocker bright, and natural as to resemble the baitfish.

Don’t forget the plastic worms, they are the most resembling natural selection of bait.

Where to Fish

You never learn to swim in the deep end of the pool, the same way you wouldn’t begin to learn to fish in deep waters. Start in small ponds, not big lakes. You’ll likely catch smaller fish, but it’s good practice and will provide you the necessary experience to catch the big bass when you’re out in larger lakes.

Where to Find Fish

Bass love to play hide and seek. They don’t naturally come to you so you have to look for them. But like hide and seek, when you find them, you catch them. Some places bass are known to hang out are boat docks, structures, and any obstacles in the water. As bass usually “hang out” in these places, so to say, try fishing there first.

Next, look for places where the water or plants change. In other words, rocks transition into sand or where weeds become hydrilla. If all else, just try anywhere. Sometimes you could catch one just passing along. Fishing is also partially luck, so give it a chance.

Best Practices

  • Bass love colorful lures, and they seem to latch onto it more. Casting continuously into an area with bass will likely evoke them, and produce an attack, or in our case – a bite.
  • Try scented bait. Some fishermen swear by their potency.
  • Try using bright colored lures in areas where the water is muddy, and in contract natural ones in clear waters.
  • Throwing the lures into areas against object usually attract fish. Be careful to not catch the lure into places where it would be stuck.
  • I found that early morning and late afternoon fishing proved to be most successful.

Fishing is a sport of patience and learning. Ask questions and don't be restricted by your own views. Try all practices and experiment when you have the chance, you never know if you may teach yourself a trick which you could then contribute to the rest of the fishing community. Grab your polarized sunglasses and we will see you out on the lakes!


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