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10 Reasons to Buy Affordable Sunglasses

Posted by Nathan Miller on Mar 5, 2014 7:30:00 AM

polarized sunglassesEveryone loves a great pair of sunglasses. They can make or break your day. You need them for your long road trip, or just to complete the right look for a day on the town. But many people think you have to break the bank if you want to get a great look. If you ever brought a pair of expensive sunglasses, you may be able to relate to these 10 reasons to buy affordable sunglasses.

1. You set your new polarized sunglasses on the roof of the car while you opened the door, only to forget them there, and have them fall off as you drove down the street.

2. Your new aviator sunglasses flew away without you, never to be seen again.

3. You put your new fishing sunglasses on side of the boat while you climbed in and that was the last you saw of them. You suspect some large-mouth bass is sporting them now.

polarized sunglasses4. You bent over to tie a fly while you were fishing and your polarized sunglasses fell into the fast water… last seen floating downstream.

5. Your dog thought your men’s sunglasses were a new bone and buried them in the yard.

6. You put your UV sunglasses on your head when you walked into the store, when you got to the car and tried to put them on, you found they had fallen into the abyss of racks of clothing.

7. You know you put those new cycling sunglasses with your biking stuff in the garage and now you can’t find them anywhere. After two weeks of looking you decide they must have gotten into the trash somehow.

8. The sport sunglasses you left on the seat of your convertible while the top was down disappeared in thin air.

9. You decide you must have left that special pair of women’s sunglasses on the counter at the last fashionista store in the mall, unfortunately you didn’t realize it until you were on your way home… 200 miles away.

10. You left those big “O” sunglasses on the front passenger seat of the car and your next passenger… a rather big man, sat on them. Crunch!

The moral of these stories: buy affordable sunglasses that you can replace inexpensively. With the price you pay for one pair of the overpriced big-name brands, you can buy a few different pairs of affordable polarized sunglasses that will be perfect for all your different activities. Losing a pair of affordable sunglasses won't ruin your day on the mountain or at the beach, but losing a pair of expensive ones will. Head to the Pugs store and grab some great sunglasses that look amazing and won't break the bank!
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