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3 Tips to Improve How You Clean Your Fish!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jul 29, 2014 10:12:00 AM



affordable sunglassesFor avid and casual anglers in search of an  outdoor adventure, a boat’s fillet table can be a real lifesaver. It makes cleaning one’s prize catch ultra convenient and helps keep filleting tools all in one place. However, for the best results, they must also be properly maintained. Here are a few tips from our adventurous Pugs team that may help in that department:

  • Store lint-free wiping cloths in a bleach water solution and keep them in a dark storage area near the fillet tables. Doing so makes it easy to quickly sanitize the fish cleaning station and associated tools as needed. To make the solution, simply add 1 tablespoon of unscented bleach to a gallon of cold, distilled water. The solution may then be added to a resealable bucket or a spray bottle with a safety lock nozzle.
  • Worried that the bleach will harm the surface of the boat’s fillet table? Try using undiluted, 3% hydrogen peroxide or 5% white distilled vinegar. They are acceptable sanitizers as well. However, it generally takes up to 10 minutes of direct contact with the products to ensure that the fillet table’s surface is sanitary.
  • Want to rid a boat’s fillet table of fish odors too? If so, bring some fresh, whole lemons aboard the boat. They are natural deodorizers. Press down on the lemons and roll them across the fillet station first. It will help release the juices. Then cut the lemons open and rub the exposed surfaces all over the fillet table’s top before rinsing it away with distilled water. If uncut lemons are not available, keeping a spray bottle filled with pure lemon juice may suffice. We should also mention that some of today’s fillet tables are made with materials that are designed to repel odors.

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