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3 Winter Beanies You Can't Live Without!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Nov 5, 2015, 12:43:00 PM



Now that the winter is here and snow is starting to fall in the north, it's definitely time to start putting out the winter wear! But every year, some of that stuff you packed away after last cold season doesn't quite measure up to what you need now. Maybe you moved somewhere colder, maybe it's too old and worn, or maybe you just need to freshen up your look, but whatever the reason, now is the time to grab the perfect winter apparel that will keep you looking cool and feeling warm all the way until spring!


Here at Pugs, we spend as much time outdoors as anyone, especially during ski season. That means we use winter apparel almost every day, so we've put together our experience to make the highest quality and most affordable winter apparel there is! If you're in the market to grab yourself a warm winter beanie, check out these three from Pugs!


pugs women's beanie


Pugs Women's Knit Beanie


A stylish feminine beanie with a knit flower accent

available in 6 fun colors! Only $12.99!




pugs trooper beanie


Pugs Trooper Beanie


The Trooper hat is a unique winter apparel item with warm faux fur and

adjustable ear flaps, available in 3 awesome styles! Only $19.99!



Pugs Kids Animal Hat


An adorable plush animal hat available in four fun styles! Just $12.99!


With these Pugs styles and others like them, you're bound to have an amazing winter out in the cold without being cold! First time buying apparel from us? Use promo code PUGS-W-20 and get 20% off your order! Check out these warm winter beanies from Pugs and have the best winter ever!


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