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4 Best Tips for Making the Most of a Winter Sports Vacation in America

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 27, 2016 1:39:00 PM


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Are you making plans to enjoy a winter sports vacation in America before the snow melts away? If so, you might want to stop packing for a second. We’ve gathered our staff’s best tips for making the most of a cold weather vacation and condensed them into today’s blog post. Here they are for your pre-vacation consideration:

Bring Multiple Pairs of Shades

It’s easy to lose a pair of sunglasses when you’re on a winter vacation. Consequently, we’d suggest bringing at least three affordable pairs along. Store one in the rental car and another in the hotel. Then tuck the third pair in your winter jacket or backpack. That way, you’ll have a pair even if the other two end up hopeless lost.

Hire Local Guides

Don’t forget to hire local guides. Sure, you can go on winter sports vacations without them. However, you’ll run the risk of missing out on little known facts and learning about which places to avoid after dark. After all, not every brochure or tourist magazine is going to share that kind of valuable information with others.

Dress the Part

Of course while on any winter sports vacation in America, its best to dress the part. At Pugs®, we can outfit you for any number of outdoor adventures. Plus, we’ve got a great Handbook to Winter Sunstyle. It comes in e-book format and won’t cut into your vacation budget because it’s totally free.


Remember to Charge Up

Before you hit the road, don’t forget to charge up. Pack your Apple All-in-One-Charger, All-in-one Micro USB Charger or other essentials from our Pugs® electronics collection. They’ll help keep you connected to loved ones that weren’t able to take time off and join in your winter vacation plans.


At Pugs we are all about living life to the max. If we all have anything in common, it is that we always prefer to be outside. So whether it is winter or summer, spring or fall, how or cold out, light or dark, we want to be outside enjoying the world around us. So if you and your friends or family are like us, and you want to discover more winter vacation advice and take a look at what our Pugs® team would recommend for your next trip (probably some new cool beanies), please stop by our online store today.

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