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4 Pugs New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Sam Hull on Dec 30, 2016 9:52:22 AM


affordable sunglassesIt’s that time of year where everyone starts to think about the big changes that they want to make in their lives next year. Many want to live healthier lifestyles, finally take the trip they have always wanted to, or do something even as simple as just reaching out to friends and family more. No matter what your resolution is, it is important to have goals and aspirations to continue personal growth. Here are our top 4 resolutions for 2017.

Get Outdoors More

We love exploring at Pugs, but we think that everyone can get outdoors more often, even if you’re not going for a hike or any other sporty activity. Just going for a walk can boost your mood, help you feel better, and promote better health. You can take the dog for a walk, call some friends and meet up at a local park for a game of soccer, throw a football or Frisbee, or just take a walk to and get some fresh air by yourself.

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Take a Good Vacation

Everyone has that bucket list vacation that they keep pushing off until next year and then the next year and then the year after that. Maybe you want to go to Bermuda and enjoy the beach with some cocktails and beautiful sunsets. Maybe you have always wanted to go to Colorado for that world class ski resort experience with great nightlife and more terrain to ski or snowboard than you can imagine. No matter where you want to go, just stop hesitating and book that dream trip for 2017!

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Spend Less Money

Did you have a big spending year in 2016? Let me guess, it was all those unexpected impulse purchases for fashion or food and drink. Take a step back in 2017 and stick to your budget. Instead of buying those overpriced designer sunglasses make the smarter choice and grab some good affordable sunglasses. You will be surprised at how much money you can save with great quality affordable products that look and feel just as good and the popular upscale brands.

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Eat healthier

Just like vacations, dieting and healthy eating is something that people always push back, especially around the holidays.  It is really easy to procrastinate on your diet when there is good food being served and a lot of it. This year, don’t take the holidays off and make smarter choices and keep your healthy lifestyle strong even in the face of a giant turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I know that I’m not making it very easy with that, but that’s the point. You need to stay strong and not give into temptation.

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Now that you have some good ideas to get you thinking about your New Year’s Resolution, it’s time to get serious about committing to it next week. Make your plans and get organized to help make it easier. If your resolution is to take a trip this year, check out our free winter vacation destination guide.

pugs winter vacation guide


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