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5 Cool Ideas for Your Winter Honeymoon!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Dec 9, 2014 8:30:00 AM



cool beaniesWinter honeymooners who love adventure and sports can find some awesome opportunities for a thrilling honeymoon vacation. You don't have to plan your nuptials in the middle of summer to have a great honeymoon! Here are our top five suggestions for an outdoor adventure winter honeymoon:


1. Take a Dip in Hot Water

There are several places around the USA and internationally that have harnessed local underground hot springs to offer visitors a soothing soak at any time of the year. Vail, Colorado has several spa resorts that offer the full works of soaks, massages, and more. If you've got the time for a trip to Asia, visit the many hot springs of Taiwan -- there are even hot mud baths for an all-natural clay peel.


2. Head South

If you're getting cabin fever and need a dose of Vitamin D sunshine, head south to adventure destinations such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, or Baja, Mexico. Learn kiteboarding, surfing, ziplining, and paddleboarding for some fun outdoor activities.


3. Embrace the Cold

Enjoy a winter wonderland by taking your honeymoon vacation in destinations that offer winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Fresh powder awaits you on the slopes and a warm fire will greet you in the lodge. Check out Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Taos, New Mexico -- both locations offer excellent snow conditions and some delightful arts and crafts for a break.


4. Head to Sea

Many boating enthusiasts head to sea when winter comes. The Caribbean is known for its warm winter waters and calm seas at this time of year. Perhaps you've married a captain of your own, but if not you can also hire a private yacht with a captain to teach you some new sea skills or let you relax on deck while he/she does the navigating.


5. Indoor Fun

Did you know there are some resorts with entire gardens, streams, ponds, and more all in an indoor space? Check out the Omni Gaylord Resort in Nashville or the Kalahari Waterpark Resort in Wisconsin for some exciting winter activities minus the cold temperatures.


Psst... don't forget to pack your Pugs sunglasses and cool beanies. Even in winter, the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can be damaging. Our line of polarizing lenses is perfect for that low sun in the winter months.


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