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5 Must-Have Items for Summer Vacation!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jun 30, 2014 8:00:00 AM



affordable sunglassesWith the last weeks of summer vacation on the not so distant horizon, it’s time to talk about holiday travel essentials. So all of us here at Pugs have chipped in to come up with a handy dandy checklist of items that will help get you to your final destination in sizzling summer style:


1.) Affordable Sunglasses

Don’t step out the door en route to summer holiday fun without a few pairs of affordable sunglasses. Affordable sunglasses function just like the high dollar brands with one critical exception: they won’t drain your vacation budget.


2.) Chargers

Okay, so just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean that it’s time to totally unplug. That long wait at the airport, train or bus station is perfect for nailing the high score on Candy Crush Saga or Pengal. Plus, you could always listen to tunes or some trashy summer romance novel on tape. That said, we highly recommend taking one or more chargers with you.


affordable sunglasses3.) Ear Buds

Of course if you are going to heed our previous advice, you’ll need a pair of ear buds or over-the-ear headphones too. That way, you can drown out the sounds of your fellow ticked off travelers or that talkative person that always seems to end up in the empty seat next to you.


4.) Bandana

Remember the television show MacGyver? That guy could do amazing things with nothing more than a paper clip and a bandana. Understandably, travel has changed a lot since MacGyver graced the small screen. So we wouldn’t advise packing paper clips for a transatlantic flight. We would, however, suggest that you take along a bandana. For ideas on how one may just save your life, literally and figuratively, check out MoneyTalks News. Their reporter, Donna Freedman, shares her 8 Money-Saving Uses for a $3 Bandana.


5.) Patience

Last but not least, holiday travel requires a good deal of patience. After all, you know somebody or something is going to be behind schedule on a holiday weekend. It’s as much of a certainty as that rain storm that invariably happens once you leave the high dollar car wash and detailing place. Thus, you might as well kick back in your affordable sunglasses from Pugs and go with the flow!


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