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5 Reasons Affordable Sunglasses Beat Expensive Ones!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Nov 7, 2014 8:30:00 AM



woman-422706_1280Who wants to spend hundreds on a pair of sunglasses if you don't need to?  What are you really getting for your money?  These are great questions to ask before buying a pair, and what you may not realize is that an expensive pair does not always mean the highest quality.  So why are affordable sunglasses a better option?  Here's five reasons why!


Because protecting expensive sunglasses is annoying

Don't waste your time and energy trying to protect the one $200 pair of sunglasses that you have.  Besides the fact that you'll sound pretentious around your friends trying to keep from damaging them, you'll fall into a deep depression the minute they break.


Because you can buy one for every outfit

Imagine the agonizing decision of what color you should pick out when spending hundreds on one pair of sunglasses.  Will it match everything?  Once again, affordable sunglasses beats out the expensive pair.  Instead of buying one expensive pair, you can buy one to match every outfit you have, and it will still be cheaper than the pricey specs!


1966836_10151928268911300_606595270_nYou'll be able to afford one for every activity

Did you know there are sunglasses that are designed specifically for different activities?  Pretty awesome news, huh?  On top of that, they can be affordable.  So affordable that you could probably buy a pair for every activity you wanted to do.  If you're going skiing, get the ones that block the glare!  Or, if you're into motorcycles, buy a pair that is made to keep dirt and wind out while gripping your nose.


Because affordable glasses offer the same protection

Expensive sunglasses essentially means you are buying a name, not protection.  A less expensive version can offer you the same UV protection that the gold digging pair can.  Just double check the sticker number for the UV rating.  


Because celebrities wear affordable ones

If you feel like you need to do everything celebrities do, then go ahead and buy yourself some cute affordable sunglasses!  Gwen Stefani has been photographed wearing stylish, yet affordable pairs.  She is only one of the many that likes to keep her style down-to-earth.     


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