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5 Things Sunglasses Can Protect You From

Posted by Nathan Miller on Sep 1, 2014 7:30:00 AM



affordable sunglassesEveryone loves to experience summer fun by going on outdoor adventures. Music festivals and road trips rank across many people's favorite activities. Not much is better than sitting outside in the warm air watching your favorite bands. However, we should not forget about how the sun's rays can be very damaging to our eyes.

One major concern is skin cancer. It might seem odd that this would be a big concern in the eye region. However, one common place for skin cancer to develop is on the eyelid. We all need to blink!


Cataracts are another concern. They can form from long term exposure to the sun. It can be corrected in some cases through surgery but it's best to just keep your eyes protected now.


Sunburn is familiar to anyone with fair skin. However, did you know it can develop on your eyes? Photokeratitis is the name of sunburn that affects the eyes and can develop after just a few hours. Trying to watch a festival while your eyes are tearing up does not sound too fun.


Pterygium is another less commonly heard of eye affliction. It is dangerous in that it actually can skew your vision. It also requires surgery to correct.


Jet lag is less serious than the above but can still be a concern. If you are traveling by plane to get to your destination, sunglasses can help. Get the most adventuring time out of your vacation by wearing them! Make every vacation amazing and do not settle for less.


Learn more about the above afflictions here.


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