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6 Winter Date Ideas

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Dec 11, 2017 12:13:56 PM


Pugs Winter Date Ideas

In the season of the cold and gray, we turn to each other to find warmth beyond the precise meaning of the word. For that reason, winter arguably is the most romantic season of them all, because it presents an opportunity to find color in each other when all else quite literally freezes. Although it’s tempting to turn to a TV and a fireplace to avoid the chilling outdoor winds, on the contrary doing outdoor excursions may bring you and your significant another closer together. Like our summer and fall date ideas, we’ve gathered the best unconventional winter date ideas.

Sleigh Ride

Grab your loved one, blanket, and some mittens to make your way over to a sleigh ride in a park. The slow-moving carriage and the leafless trees will transport you to a Christmas romantic movie. Don’t forget to bring chocolate covered strawberries or hot chocolate along with you for the memorable ride.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a winter cliché, but it’s a seasonal date staple for a good reason. Grab your skates, a warm hat, and the hand of a loved one and prepare for some slippery falls, laughs, and potentially new ice skating tricks. Don’t forget to warm up after your laps with a warm pretzel or even better with fondue!

Go to a Hockey Match

There is nothing like spending a day with someone you care about while cheering on a team that you’re passionate about! Scream your lungs out rooting for your favorite players or have some friendly rivalry if you two have opposing teams. Bonus points if you make it on the kiss cam!

Go Indoor Climbing

If you just can’t handle the cold but still call yourself a rock climber, head to an indoor climbing gym! Support each other by strategizing which rocks to climb when you’re bouldering or see if they have couples night where you try to help each other climb the same paths!

Have a Snowball Fight

Buddy the Elf was onto something when he helped his brother win a snowball match. The friendly competition will bring you two closer together, just be sure to dress warmly for the occasion with cool beanie hats!

Go Sledding

I believe you can never get too old for this. Grab a sled or a boogie board and trek your way up the mountain for some good old-fashioned fun. This will give you a good workout as you continuously burn calories making your way uphill, but the heart racing speed on the way down will make it all worthwhile.

This winter, don’t just stay indoors and let the season pass you by. There’s so much you and your loved one can do without hibernating by a fireplace. Enjoy every day of the cold weather with Pugs Gear to keep you warm!

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