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Love Em and Lose Em! - Affordable Sunglasses Are the Answer

Posted by Nathan Miller on Apr 18, 2014 7:30:00 AM

affordable sunglasses
The last time I wore an expensive pair of sunglasses I set them on the edge of the boat and they fell into the lake. I tried to grab the net and snag them, but they were gone in a flash…sunk into the abyss… and I wasn’t about to dive in to retrieve them. I kind of expected to see some big bass come tooling by with some new shades. But no such luck, they were lost forever. It was then that I vowed to buy only affordable sunglasses.

It’s been a good decision, because I can justify owning six pairs of cheap sunglasses instead of one pair of expensive sunglasses. Yes, I said six pairs, and I need them all! One pair for my car… oh wait, I have two pair in there now I think… anyway, I also have one in my roommate’s car. Then of course I needed a pair of sunglasses in my work bag and a pair of my favorite Pugs for hitting the slopes and for playing football.

Yep, I have and I need six pairs because inevitably I will end up leaving the house for a different activity or forgetting to grab a pair as I jump into my car. Actually, I could even use another pair of affordable sunglasses that could be in the kitchen by the back door so when I head out I can just grab them.

Do you have a good story about how you lost a pair of sunglasses? Send it to us along with a picture and we’ll send you a new pair of awesome affordable sunglasses at no cost!

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