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Cowboy Straw Hats: Perfect For Summertime

Posted by Nathan Miller on Mar 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM

cowboy straw hatsNothing is more disappointing than a sun burnt head after your first day on the boat, and that’s why you should pick up some cowboy straw hats before the sun tanning season begins. With summertime comes BBQs, rodeos, pool parties, and many other outdoor activities, all things that could benefit from a fashionable and comfortable straw hat!  Straw hats are the perfect summer accessory, they are light, they shade you from the sun, and they come in every possible shape, size, and style.

If you’ve ever gone looking for cowboy straw hats, you will notice that they come in all shapes and sizes, numerous colors, and have plenty of shapes to choose from. They are a great way to make sure you are getting ultimate sun protection, while also wearing something that is light weight but also comfortable.  If you would like to make them look more exotic you can add a scarf or even a ribbon of sorts.

If you’re looking to add more style to your look without spending an arm and a leg, Pugs has cowboy straw hats that can dramatically alter the way you look and feel at an affordable price. Don't head to the beach in that same, old, baseball cap you've had since high school. Get a fresh, lightweight, straw hat and you'll stay cool and look cooler!

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