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Fedora Hats Are the Style of the Decade!

Posted by Alex Repola on Apr 26, 2014 8:00:00 AM

cool fedorasHave you seen them….those hats everyone is wearing? I don’t care where you go, you’re sure to see someone wearing a Fedora hat making them one of the most popular styles and trends of the decade. One of the main reasons for its popularity of style and design is the fact that so many top celebrities are wearing them.

Kate Middleton has been seen looking cool, mysterious and classic in the photo of her wearing a black fedora. Keira Knightley looked sleek in a Fedora hat recently on her way through Los Angeles International Airport. Steal her style with these affordable and unique Pugs fedora finds. For ladies, the hats make any outfit look fantastic.

Now, for men who want to appear edgy, dangerous or mysterious a la Colin Farrell, they need to buy the dark Fedora hat too. Surely, you must have seen Brad Pitt and Jude Law cool fedora hatswearing a Fedora hat at one point, especially since they have their photos splashed all over the internet. Not only do they have that stealthy but bold masculine appeal, they attract the ladies as well. Just how popular is the Fedora hat for men? Well, GQ must think it’s a hot trend because they feature fedoras all the time.

From classic felt, to summer straw hats, all the way to trendy plaid, Pugs fedoras can dress up nearly any outfit. And they don’t have to be expensive but if you want to be seen wearing one this spring you’d better hurry. The online sales have been pretty robust.

Did you also know that there are fedora forums online? Check out fedoraforum.org or fedoraforums.com if you are a fan of fedora hats!. You will even be able to see different ways of wearing them, and how clothes can make a fedora hat look better. If you have any suggestions or ideas of how clothes made your Fedora hat look better, post them on our Pugs Facebook page. And check out our brand new 2014 fedora styles at Pugs!
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