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The Last iPhone Charger I'll Ever Need.

Posted by Nathan Miller on Aug 21, 2013 7:46:00 AM


iphone charger 

If you're part of the millenial generation, then you are probably surrounded by technology. From your phone to your computer to your coffeemaker, we've got all sorts of tech that makes our lives easier and more connected. Most of the time, that's a great thing! It helps us be more (or less) productive at work, makes it easy to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, and gives us something to listen to while we're working out. But the worst part of all this technology is keeping it all charged up and ready to use. Every day I'm juggling plugs to put into the wall, searching through coffeeshops to find a place for my computer, and even sitting in the concourse at baseball stadiums to get 10 minutes of power. 


When you're constantly looking to charge your iPhone, your mind can easily get focused on grabbing some juice and getting going again, and sometimes you can leave somewhere so fast you can completely forget your charger. The only thing worst then having a iPhone with 10% battery is not even having a charger to help if you do find a plug. Since I am on my phone all day, I always need to keep an eye out for a place to plug in. If I lose my iPhone charger, I lose my ability to respond to work emails on the go, listen to music at the gym, and take another crack at that Candy Crush level.


So if you lose your charger, you've gotta go buy a replacement as soon as possible. Only problem is that there are so many options for iPhone chargers. When the potential of forgetting one in a hotel room or a friend's house is so high, it makes it hard to go dish out the big bucks for a fancy Apple one. But that doesn't mean you can go for a cheap one at a gas station either, because you need the thing to work for a while and actually handle your busy lifestyle. Most chargers either work in the wall, or in the car, but not both, which means you have to either buy two, or get a car with a USB port. While the first option is much cheaper than a new car, it's still a lot to spend just to get power when and where you need it. iphone charger


That's why I was so happy to discover the All-In-One Charger from Pugs. It's small, portable, and has plugs for both the wall and your car, making it the only charger you'll ever need! The four-foot cable means you can keep an eye on your phone for important messages and don't have to sit on the floor right by the plug. It even has two USB ports, allowing you to charge your iPod and iPhone at the same time, or bail out a friend who isn't as prepared as you are. Best of all, at $24.99, you aren't spending a fortune for a phone charger, but will get the great Pugs quality and lifetime guarantee that comes with all of their products.


When you need high-quality and affordable electronics accessories, look no further than Pugs. From this iPhone charger to headphones, they have a wide range of products meant to handle the craziness of your life and keep working. They can't stop you from being forgetful and having your phone battery die, but you'll use the All-In-One Charger so often, you won't want to go anywhere without it! I used to have three chargers in rotation: one at home, one at work, and one in the car, but thanks to Pugs, I've got the last phone charger I'll ever need!


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