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A Rider's Right to Protect His Eyes

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Jan 30, 2014 8:30:00 AM


motorcycle_ridersEvery biker should have at least two different pairs of sunglasses with two very different sets of lenses, but most do not.  When people talk about motorcycle riding glasses, they often think of the middle of the day in the desert, with the wind whipping sand and dirt up into their eyes.  That’s great; most people have a pair just for that occasion, but what about the other times in the day where dark sunglass lenses can be a detriment?  What about low light situations where there still may be light, but not enough to warrant your normal motorcycle goggles?

Have you heard of yellow or amber lenses?  These particular lenses help to absorb UV and blue light, resulting in a much brighter view for the wearer, no matter if the sun is out or the fog is rolling in.  These lenses are best used during the less lit times of the day, such as dawn and dusk, but can also be broken out during cloudy or stormy days.  Now of course these lenses aren’t perfect for every situation, and that’s why we recommend the second pair of glasses that best protect your eyes during those hot, sunny days.

motorcycle sunglasses, riding glasses, biker glasses Riding can be dangerous for your eyes, with harmful UV rays coming in, glare shining off the road and surfaces and debris flying at your face and eyes at high speeds.  That’s why we put together our riding glasses with heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses set inside a base wrap frame, along with rubber temple components that are double-injected to increase the grip on your nose and around your ears.  Finally, to protect your eyes from the wind and debris, we included a removable foam insert that is revolutionary for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for the best protection and fit without dropping a couple hundred bucks!

Experienced bikers understand that when it comes to protecting their eyes and improving visibility, there is a need for two different glasses with two very different lenses.  If you have one but not the other, or need to figure out both, we have you covered here at Pugs!  So check out what we have to offer and get ready to ride!

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