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Add These Three Countries to Your Bucket List!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Aug 22, 2014 9:49:00 AM



affordable sunglassesIf you're looking for outdoor adventures, the world won't let you down. Many countries have great scenery, amenities and attractions that will add adventure to your vacation. Here are some favorites among adventure travelers along with some information about the highlights of each.


Give "Crocodile Dundee" credit: The movie gave the most of the world its first glimpse of the wild Northern Territory. From the town of Darwin, adventure seekers from around the world head to places like Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park. Even before you reach your destination, you'll see herds of kangaroos, endless rows of termite mounds and plenty of unspoiled land. You'll see billabongs filled with salt-water crocodiles and witness some of the most spectacular sunrises on the planet. Think about taking a tour, though: A knowledgeable guide can be the difference between "adventure" and "disaster" in the land some people call the Never Never.


If you have adventurous taste buds, get ready for some wild menus featuring kangaroo, emu, crocodile and camel.


affordable sunglassesNew Zealand

You might know it as the land of the kiwi, but New Zealand is also home to a long list of adrenaline sports: bungee jumping, Zorbing, street luge and the Schweeb, just to name a few. And if you're a hiker, be ready: The country has national parks featuring hut systems and well-mapped routes. There's also world-class mountain biking and the famous glow worm caves of Waitomo.


Oh, and you'll be able to see all the scenery from the "Lord of the Rings" epic. The real-life Mount Doom, known as Mount Ngauruhoe, is part of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the north island. The strenuous scramble up its slopes adds about three hours to the trip, but the reward is looking into the crater of an amazing volcano.



Imagine standing on ground that's younger than you are. Depending on your age, you'll get the chance in Iceland. Volcanoes shape the land often, adding lava flows and rearranging the landscape. You can also tour glaciers and walk amid the incredible lava mass known as Dimmu Borgir.


Hikers love the Laugavegur trail, which can be a three-day journey or a 16-mile out-and-back from Landmannalaugar. But the most-unusual adventure is just outside Reykjavik: the Inside the Volcano tour. You'll bus and hike out to a dormant volcano, and then take an elevator down the crater and into its magma chamber. This is the only known place in the world where an extinct volcano's magma chamber and throat are still intact.


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