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Affordable Sunglasses Help You Forget the Overpriced Brands

Posted by Nathan Miller on Dec 11, 2015 1:42:00 PM



1966836_10151928268911300_606595270_nIn my junk drawer are the ghosts of expensive sunglasses past. Missing lenses, broken frames, scratched glasses, and of course empty cases of sunglasses I've just plain lost. In my car, what I put on every day? A pair of affordable sunglasses I picked up at a local gas station years ago, and have yet to lose or damage beyond repair.


Yep, just like shiny new luxury cars are scratch and dent magnets, just like the latest generation of smartphones gets dropped right away, your expensive sunglasses seem to get damaged, broken or just plain lost. Inexpensive sunglasses, meanwhile, just keep on going, and going, and going.... It seems like they'll never die. 


And if they do, so what? You're not out more than a $20 bill to replace them. Heck, for $20, you can get yourself a couple of pairs of Pugs sunglasses. You can make sure you always have sunglasses on hand, in your car, boat, bag, purse, or wherever you'll be when adventure and sunshine come calling.


And here's the kicker: Just like a cheap drug store wristwatch keeps time as well as or better than a luxury handcrafted watch, your "cheap" sunglasses are just as effective at blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays as pairs that can cost upwards of $100. They look just as good, too.

There's a lot of places and things to spend your money on. Sunglasses really don't need to be one of them. You can see plenty of shades that give you bang for your buck over at Pugs' site.


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