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America's Prettiest Top 4 Winter Towns

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Jan 30, 2018 4:20:36 PM



You don’t have to book a plane ticket to the nearest beach to escape your winter blues. Instead, look to embrace the quaint, quiet beauty of winter by relaxing in these beautiful towns right in your own backyard.

Wander around historic streets, eclectic shops, and scenic surroundings then end your night in vineyard tasting rooms next to a cozy fireplace with your loved ones.

Jackson, Wyoming

The often forgotten state of Wyoming has an undeniable picturesque landscape tucked away in Jackson. Above of the countless slopes, it boasts to be one of America’s most majestic destinations. While there, in all the fresh pow-pow and steep stunts that Jackson Hole has to offer. Enjoy après-ski at one of their many local micro-breweries. If you’re not up for the thrill of a downhill slope, take to a tour in Grand Teton National Park where you will come across elk, wolves, bighorn sheep, and moose, just to name a few.

Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is home to ski slopes, outdoorsmen, artists, and college students. Once home to ranchers and miners, The Main Street now caters to visitors of all interests with coffee shops, art and jewelry stores, and of course a couple of sports bars. If you’re looking for entertainment, look no further.  Race your friends downhill or put your dog sledding skills to the test at Yellowstone Dog Sledding Adventures.

old wethersfeld



 Old Wethersfield, Connecticut 

This is one of the country’s most timeless and historic villages. Visit (the still operating) congressional church, where John Adams and George Washington used to worship. The village is home to over 150 homes built before 1850, and a few even before the revolutionary war!

This town is perfect for a quiet getaway. Enjoy the mom-and-pop bed and breakfasts and a leisurely stroll through this sleepy neighborhood and enjoy the tree-lined streets, old homes, and historical museums.


Pugs Winter Towns VA.jpgCharlottesville, VA

Winter in Virginia has a special beauty. Walk around the University of Virginia and enjoy the covered white trails of Blue Ridge Parkway or walk around the artsy town and enjoy museums, shops, and local restaurants. Here is a national secret: Virginia is the country’s 5th largest producer of wine, so don’t forget to have a glass of merlot while you warm up in a restaurant and watch people from the pedestrian-friendly “Downtown Mall”.

Winter in every state of the country can be beautiful if it is embraced properly. Don’t let the winter blues get you down by staying at home. Make the most of the season by keeping warm with your Pugs hats and Pugs gloves, and getting out there to see what beautiful surprises you can find relatively close to home.




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