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An Ode to Kayaking in the Fall

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 27, 2014, 10:21:00 AM



cool beaniesThe alarm screeches at 7am, just before sunrise on your day off from the office.  You stretch, yawn, groggily roll over and consider just saying, "Forget it. I'm staying in bed."  But, Mother Nature is calling you on yet another outdoor adventure. This time you want something different than the typical hike or climb. 


You arrive at the river, lake, or stream.  You take in the perfectly serene morning.  The fog dancing on the glassy, flawless water just begging to be touched.  You load up the kayak, push away from shore, and all your stress and worries wash away with each steady swoosh of the paddle. 


Kayaking is growing in popularity and it is no surprise why!  Kayaking is a wonderful way to be active and explore the outdoors from a fresh perspective than enjoying nature by land.  Kayaking offers a calming feeling, and at the same time the spontaneous rush of adventure.  Kayaking is freedom.  You are able to go anywhere there is water as long as you have your kayak and paddles.  You get to enjoy wildlife that before may have gone under your radar whilst on land.  Wildlife surrounding the aquatic ecosystems include various fish, turtles, and unique shorebirds.  If you travel down South you'll have the chance to encounter unique wildlife such as gators, manatees, and dolphins. 


Kayaking also offers many fitness benefits. It is a whole body workout.  Strengthening the core, back, arms, and also offering a substantial cardiovascular workout.  Consider kayaking for your next outdoor adventure! Be sure to check out Pugs for all of your cool beanies and other outdoor apparel needs.


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