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Apparel for Mountain Biking: The Essentials

Posted by Scot Mills on Jul 23, 2018 2:58:51 PM


Mountain Biker Wearing Pugs Apparel in Mid AirWhen it comes to summertime fun, excitement, and adventure, few sports are as enjoyable as mountain biking. Not only can you have a blast getting dirty on your local trails, a mountain bike (MTB) can easily be loaded into a car or truck and ridden anywhere the trails are legal and the times are good. 

Explore the slick-rock of Moab? Done! Scenic views from above beautiful Lake Tahoe? Ooh, yeah! An epic adventure through the Pisgah Forest? An MTB is just the ticket, and summer is just the time. 

But simply having an MTB isn't quite enough to hit the trails. You'll need the proper apparel to really do it right - that means the right kind of helmet, shorts, jersey, jacket, gloves, and (can't forget) affordable sunglasses. Read on to learn about the basic MTB gear you need to get out there and crush it!

MTB apparel: the essentials

When outfitting for your MTB adventure, there are a few critical pieces of apparel you'll need in order to perform well on the bike. 

Here are the essentials to start:

  • Helmet - While there are some cool-looking helmets out there, looking cool is hardly the main reason for wearing this important piece of safety equipment. By ensuring that you have a CPSC-approved helmet which fits correctly, you will stand a much better chance of avoiding an emergency room visit when you do take a spill (occasional wipeouts are part of the sport!). 
  • Shorts, jersey and jacket - Riding in cumbersome street clothing can be downright painful, which is why MTBers wear those silly-looking shorts and jerseys (NOT to score style points!). By wearing shorts that fit snugly and include a comfortable liner, you can avoid painful chafing and saddle sores - and guys will greatly appreciate having their, ahem, "special equipment" held in place. Make sure to also carry a light riding jacket for sudden weather changes, and remember - a loose-fitting jersey designed to wick away moisture can make all the difference in comfort on a warm summer's day. 
  • Shoes - Whether you choose clip-less or flat pedals, your footwear needs to be specific for the cause. Remember too that sometimes trail riding means walking the tough stuff, so hiking comfort and tread should be considered as well. 
  • Sunglasses - Protecting your eyes from trail debris, branches, and UV rays is extremely important, which is why Pugs Active Sport sunglasses are essential.  You will love the combination of protection, great fit, and affordable pricing, and with 20-styles to choose from, there is certainly a pair which looks great on you!
  • Gloves - Your hands are your main connection to the bike, and you need the kind of protection and control Pugs All Trade gloves can offer. In fact, for safety, comfort, and style, you would be hard pressed to find better gloves at ANY price, much less such an affordable one.

Enjoy your MTB adventure

Your summertime MTB adventure awaits, and Pugs gear can help you maximize your comfort, fun, and safety on the trail. By getting out there while the weather is warm and the days are long, you can enjoy non-stop, action-packed fun like no other sport can offer. 

So go get dirty! Your adventure awaits.


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