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Are You Hydrated During Your Outdoor Adventures?

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Jul 31, 2017 3:27:39 PM


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In an ideal world, I drink the healthy recommended dosage of 8 fluid ounces of water per day, starting from the moment I wake up. Theoretically, because it is summer, I would drink more water because I spend more times outdoors; but in actuality, we know that in most cases that glass of water is replaced with a refreshing glass of beer, which sounds quenching but is in actuality dehydrating. In turn, I’ve found that when I go on my morning runs I feel dehydrated and can’t finish my run without stopping for breath and feeling dizzy toward the end of my workout regimen. This is one of the many signs of dehydration. If you’ve been noticing these symptoms as well during your outdoor adventures, we have a list of other signs indicating that you’re dehydrated. Hydration isn’t only essential for healthy skin, but it also lubricates your joints, keeps your kidneys healthy and controls body temperatures.

Faster Heart Rate

Having an accelerated heart rate in the heat or during exercise is normal. But pay attention to your heart rate if it goes up 15 to 20 beats above your normal pace. Your heart could be compensating for the reduced blood volume (or in other words dehydration) in your body.


If you feel dizzy after a sprint, or even by standing up too quickly this can be labeled as Hypotension which means there is not enough blood reaching your brain at a fast enough pace.

Skin with Low Elasticity

Technically, this is called Skin Tugor, which means after you skin is pinched, it needs to snap back immediately, and if it doesn’t you need to drink water ASAP.

If you’re currently testing this (and we know you are) take the skin on the back of your hand and pinch it for 2-3 seconds. If it slowly comes back to normal (as opposed to snapping back immediately) you’re dehydrated.

Bad Breath

If you’re not producing enough saliva in your mouth, which has antibacterial properties in it, therefore you can get bacteria overgrowth if you’re dehydrated, says John Higgins MD, an associated cardiovascular professor at University of Texas, Houston.


If you’re prone to headaches, this could be because you’re not intaking enough water. You brain rests on a fluid sack that keeps it from bouncing against the skull. If your fluid sack is depleting, parts of your brain can push up on the skull causing headaches.

We encourage you to spend as much time as you can enjoying what Summer has to offer but remember to stay hydrated in order to continue letting the good times roll. Be sure to take care of your eyes and head as well by wearing affordable sunglasses and a baseball hat on your outdoor escapades!

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