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A Love-Hate Relationship With Winter

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 27, 2015 10:07:00 AM


Winter-sportsThere are two types of people in this world, the ones who hate winter with a passion; desperately hoping for little snow, warmer temperatures and sunshine... and then there's the people who worship winter.

For the 'winter worshipers,' there's no such thing as an obligation or commitment after the first snow has fallen, and unless you hit the slopes, you can forget about seeing them until mid to late spring when the snow has cleared.  These snow junkies are likely to do whatever it takes to spend more time on the mountain and less time working, sleeping, studying or doing anything else that doesn't involve snow.

Personally, I'm not used to the cold, so going out into the snow and ice to do stuff can feel like a big hassle for me, even normal things like my daily commute. I know it's not going to get much warmer any time soon, but it's taken me a couple years to get used to subzero temperatures and weekly blizzards.

62140_03I have made a vow to myself that this may be the year that I change my outlook on winter and enjoy what it has to offer. Instead of seeing snow as a wet, miserable substance that complicates any travel plans and/or outdoor activities, I will appreciate it for what it is. I will go skiing, make a snowman, and spend a Saturday morning with coffee watching the snow fall.

Another major reason I have come to hate winter is the obnoxiousness of bundling up to go outside.  That seems to be an easier fix, and to cure this one, I have turned to my favorite winter apparel provider, Pugs Inc. I have been able to find cool beanies and knit hats for a more than affordable price and I have stocked up on gloves and mittens, stashing them throughout my house, so I won't have a reason to avoid the outdoors this winter.  The best thing about Pugs's winter apparel is that not only is it all super affordable, it's all very fashionable. Like any other retailer, they follow all the fashion trends, but only Pugs can provide a price that no one else can even come close to beating.

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with winter, Pugs has everything that you need to make it better.  Don't let the snow fall and be unprepared, stop by your local convenience store and pick up some Pugs winter apparel today! 

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