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Baseball Season is Here, Get Your Ball Caps Today!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Apr 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Ball caps have been around since the early 1900’s when worn out on the baseball field. Today you can choose your design and shape or method of wear to highlight your interests or unique style while protecting your head from the elements. Everyone knows the basic elements of a baseball cap, but here's a quick refresher!

Parts of A Baseball Cap

A baseball cap consists of the following parts:

1. The crown of a baseball hat is the front part of the cap that touches your forehead.

2. The bill is the flat panel that sticks out and provides a shading area for your face. All our baseball caps have pre-curved bills which give them a nice shape and fit.

3. The back is, well... the back of a baseball cap!

4. For an adjustable cap, there is a half moon shaped opening at the bottom of the back. A strap made of either fabric or plastic links 1 end of the opening to the other side. A fabric strap is secured either by a buckle or Velcro tapes.  You can adjust the tightness of the cap to fit your head size and comfort.


Combine the traditional baseball cap, (hat with close-fitted crown, front brim, and insignia) and a billed hat (hat with a visor) and you get the flat bill cap or as is often called, “flatty”.   Or you might want to just wear it backwards to highlight your uniqueness.

43145_1Trucker hats are mesh caps (sort of like a baseball cap but stiffer and with a higher crown) collected by truck drivers from various stops along their driving routes. The mesh keeps your head from sweating and still offers protection from the elements.

You may also see the fashion trend of a clown cap, the modern day ball cap with the flat bill and bucket size hat. These types of baseball caps tend to make whoever is wearing them look like clown especially when worn off center or the bill to the side.

Adorned with everything from a skull graphic hat to eagles to the Freedom Choppers logo ball caps can identify who you are and what you do. Some ball caps with beer logos even have a bottle opener built right in for double duty headwear.

So, whether you choose a flat billed hat, a clown cap, a trucker hat or just the traditional baseball caps, these hats are great for just about any outdoor adventure.
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