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What Should You Look For in Leather Work Gloves?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Nov 1, 2018 10:44:18 AM

Pugs All Trades leather work gloves in black and white
Gloves can serve multiple purposes. Leather work gloves can primarily be seen as a protective tool to prevent cuts, splinters and chemical spillages as well as keeping hands clean. In addition to that, they can be a great way to avoid the dangers of working in cold environments, or using sharp implements, providing a protective layer against the hand which can help deflect any pending accidents from causing injury.
The tough exterior of the leather is designed specifically to protect your hands, therefore providing a layer of safety in tasks that could lead to skin or digit damage. On top of that, they can also be useful in terms of dealing with dangerous or volatile substances to prevent skin damage or irritation.

When you are selecting a pair of leather work gloves for safety reasons, we suggest you try them on first to test their fit, grip, and protection.  By trying out the gripping properties beforehand, you can avoid actually losing grasp when it matters most, and you can help ensure that the gloves you do chose can provide you with the best of both worlds in terms of grip and protection in the workplace.

Leather work gloves are an important item of safety wear for those who work in industries like oil, construction, landscaping, and many others. All in all, a good quality pair of leather gloves can provide an essential safety layer between your hands and the dangers that surround them in the workplace.
Pugs extends the same quality and fit that we put into our affordable, polarized sunglasses in our work gloves. They can handle any work you need them for!

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