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From Wartime to Showtime: Aviator Sunglasses

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 24, 2014 10:26:31 AM

polarized sunglassesAlthough aviator sunglasses are a popular fashion item, they haven’t always been just that. Aviators were originally designed for function rather than fashion. As the name explains, aviator sunglasses were made for pilots. Aviators were first seen during World War II, created to protect pilots' eyes from the sun's harsh glare. While still worn by pilots, the anti-glare protection offered by aviator polarized sunglasses has led to their adoption by law enforcement officers as well. The mirrored lenses, which are often used with the style of aviators, are one of the reasons why the glasses have become popular as fashion accessory.

Aviators became a part of the fashion scene a few decades ago when models around the world began flaunting the pilot sunglasses. Tom Cruise is one of the celebrities who started the aviator sunglasses fabricate trend, after staring in the movie “Top Gun,” with aviators on in most scenes of the film.   Another star that comes to mind when thinking about aviators, is Johnny Knoxville, he has rocked them throughout his comedy career. Aviator sunglasses have been designed to offer maximum protection. The original design included a metal frame and reflective lenses, although now there are many fresh modern versions, which feature an array of colors. Finding polarized sunglasses in an aviator style is the perfect blend of protection from the sun and stunning fashion.

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