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Road Trips and Cheap Sunglasses: A Summer Classic

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Jul 3, 2013 7:30:00 AM


There’s something about going on a road trip during the summer that just seems so right!  The great weather, sceneryPugsgear.com, Pugs Gear Locations, Cheap Sunglasses and company are things you just can’t get during the other 3 seasons, so now’s the best time to grab those keys and head off to new and cool places!  Don’t know what to do?  Don’t worry; our road trip experts at Pugs gear have a few ideas!

Go out of state!

You’ve spent too much time in your state, that’s why you need a road trip in the first place!  Even if you’re just headed to the state next door, chances are you haven’t spent much time in it and have no idea what awesome things are there, just waiting for you to find them!  Once you’ve figured out which state you want to invade, pick a city and start planning out your road trip...

Find cool things along the way!

Now that you’ve figured out where you’re headed, it’s time to plan out how you’re going to get there!  Figure out which roads you’ll want to take (maybe find one with a nice scenic route for a drive that's easier on the eyes than endless rows of corn) and then look into cool pit stops along the way!  Whether you just need to stop for gas, grab a bite to eat or want to plan a stop to stretch your legs, a cool small town or rest area can really make a trip more enjoyable!  And don’t forget to find yourself some new Pugs cheap sunglasses during one of your rest stops!  With Pugs gear locations scattered across the nation, it’s easy to find a new style of shades at the local gas station!

Plan for a cool event at your destination!

You’ve spent all this time driving to a new and interesting city, so you better have a good idea of what you want to do once you get there!  Make a list of things you’ll want to see during your time in town, whether it be site seeing, catching a local sports game or maybe attending a fun convention or event.  No matter what it is, be sure to stay cool with your sunglasses from pugsgear.com

Summer is the best time to get out of the office and maybe even out of the state and just roam.  So the next time you feel like you’re coming down with a case of cabin fever just grab your keys and your Pugs and hit the open road!  See some new things, meet some new friends and make some new memories, that’s what being a Pugs gear fan is all about!

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