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Eight Things To Do With Your Affordable Sunglasses This Summer

Posted by Nathan Miller on Aug 5, 2016 10:00:00 AM


The summer is hands down the best month out of the year. Maybe you don’t agree, but we here at Pugs Gear all love the summer because all of the great activities where we get to rock our favorite affordable sunglasses. I have many pairs for different situations, and I expect many of you are the same way. For me, it was always just easier to find a good pair of cheap sunglasses because I never wanted to invest a lot of money into one pair. I am always doing so many activities where they just get beat up or lost or broken too quickly.

cheap sunglassesLiving in Colorado in the summer, I can’t afford to go a day without my glasses, much less a week or a month. If I lost my one nice pair, it could be a while until I could afford to replace them. But when I lose one of my Pugs sunglasses, I can easily and cheaply replace them or just use one of my many other pairs. Summer was a magical time as a kid, and it remains to be so as an adult, so long as I remember to bring my shades to my summer activities.


- Camping Trips

Nothing relaxes you better after a long week at work like a camping trip. When you go through the trouble to plan and execute a camping trip with your buddies, you want everyone to be taken care of ahead of time. Nothing can kill a camping buzz quicker than realizing you are going to have to experience the great outdoors without any eye protection. Sunglasses are an absolute must.


- Baseball Games

If any of you have ever been to a baseball game, you know a few things. You know any game is made better with a hotdog and a beer. You also know that they are long, so even the night games start early, so it is can be quite bright. Day games are serious sunny business. If you show up on the wrong day without sunscreen and sunglasses, you will be seriously hurting.


- Bike Trips

I don’t know if any of you have ever been on a multi-day bike trip, but I guess a whole lot of you have been on extended bike rides. And when you are cruising down a hill with the sun on your face, you want to feel secure, protected from the sun, protected from the wind, and most importantly protected from bugs.


- Fly Fishing

Sometimes I won’t even attempt fly fishing if I don’t have my affordable sunglasses with me. The glare from the sun can be so severe off the water that I won’t be able to see a thing. I need to be able to clearly watch the current flow around objects. I need to be able to see into the water to watch the fish rise and hit my fly as it passes by. I need to be able to notice even the smallest of disturbances in the calm water, and I can’t do any of this if I can’t see into the water.


- Boating

Any time you are moving very quickly, it is nice to have your eyes protected. Anytime I am boating, it is the same way. The wind blowing in my face combined with the sun coming straight at my eyes as well as bouncing off the water, it can make for some very irritated eyes.

- Day Parties

Day parties are great. You can eat, and drink, and sometimes swim, and all while you are in the midst of a party. It’s a wonderful twist on the typical nighttime scenario. Day parties are a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous. The things you have to watch out for though is one, drinking all day can floor you by 7pm, and two, day parties can easily turn into night parties. Sometimes that means you relocate and go out with the rest of civilization. Sometimes you just keep hanging where you are at, but either way, it is going to be darker and you are going to be less focuses. So if you happen to take your cheap sunglasses with you, it won’t be a big deal if you lose them along your nighttime journey.


- Music Festivals

Music festivals can be an amazingly fun experience. You get to hang with your friends and see your favorite bands play all day and night. It can be an unreal experience, so long as you come prepared. So take if from me, and don’t forget these items: sunscreen, extra water, some high protein snack like trail mix, Gold Bond, and of course the affordable sunglasses. Anything can happen at a festival, so it helps if you aren’t overly attached to your belongings.


- Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of those crazy activities that only the summer provides. No one wants to be climbing steep mountain faces when they are slippery and wet, so the hot sun is a necessary teammate. It will be hot, so bring water. Your hands will sweat, so bring chalk. And it will be bright, so bring some sunglasses.


- Golfing

Golfing may be my favorite summer activity yet. It is a great game. There is no one to blame but yourself. It takes complete focus, so you need to be dialed in as much as possible. For me, I cannot totally focus on my next shot if the sun is in my eyes, so I always make sure to have a hat or my affordable sunglasses, or both.


I love being able to go out into the world and leave work behind me. I love being able to get totally into whatever I am doing that I temporarily forget the world around me. The summertime provides us that opportunity, but like most other opportunities, they can be wasted. So make sure you are prepared this year. Bring your sunglasses with you everywhere and you will never have to be without.

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