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Still Wasting Money on Overpriced Sunglasses?

Posted by Eric Pratt on Nov 16, 2013 6:47:00 AM


Are you the guy spending $100-$200 on sunglasses?  I know you're out there, and if you are 'that guy,' beware, I'm about to make you feel silly. You've been making tactical errors in the game of life, sp I'm here to reign you in a bit. You're out of control. You've got your "bad decision jeans" on and they're getting tighter all the time. It's time to wake and realize you don't have to blow your hard earned money just to look cool. cool sunglasses

Sure, there are some pretty terrible cheap sunglasses on the market today.  However, you don't have to replace your $200-Super-Cool-Guys with the $5-Super-Craps.  There are lots of items in the middle class, quality sunglasses that fit great and offer the maximum UV protection. Pugs Sunglasses fit that category perfectly, every style features a lifetime guarantee, and no pair costs more than $20. 

But you're practically married to the Cool-Guys aren't you?  Maybe the following four reason for you to quit wasting your money on overpriced glasses will change your mind.


4 Reasons to Quit Wasting Your Money


1. There's better things to spend your money on

You're out of your mind to spend that kind of money on sunglasses, seriously.  You could be spending your money on so many other things.  Times are tough, and money doesn't grow on trees.  Try spending your money on something more critical than a pair of Cool-Guys why don't you?  If you're not the frugal type that's fine, buy a great pair of sunglasses for $20 and spend the extra money on some fun.  Buy a skateboard, snowboard boots, a fishing pole, or that new dirt bike helmut you've been wanting.  Get the picture?  It's called opportunity cost, there's always somewhere else to spend your money.

2.  You're just going to lose them, then what?

I lost my expensive sunglasses once, they got stolen off the seat of my Jeep.  I was in college and didn't really have the money to buy them in the first place (I had my bad decision jeans on) and I certainly couldn't afford to buy a replacement pair.  According the Sunglass Association of America the average sunglass wearer buys 6 pairs per year.  That's a lot of lost sunglasses, and a lot of money if you're in to making bad choices.  Invest your money wisely, buy yourself an extra pair or two for $10-20 and throw them in your glove box, the next time your girlfriend sits on your pair you'll be set.

3.  They don't make you as cool as you think you arepugs gear

There it is.  Sunglasses don't make you any cooler than that $50 Gucci Tshirt, you've been tricked by business.  You can't buy cool, and honestly the status you've bought yourself really just makes you more of a tool.  Sunglasses should protect your eyes and fit your face so they don't fall off.  Yes they need to look good, but its not the logo on the temple that makes them look good, it's the style of the glass.  Skip the extra $100 bill attached to that logo and buy a great pair of sunglasses for a low price.  If your friends don't approve of your lack of brand accumen you can remind them how much yours cost when they lose theirs. 

4.  They don't protect your eyes any better than many cheaper options

Not all cheap sunglasses are poor quality.  Fact is, brands like Pugs offer the very best features and highest quality components on the market.  They have the highest level of UV protection, shatterproof lenses, and all the latest styles.  Polarized options?  Yep.  Z87 Safety rated options?  Yes Sir.  Double Spring hinges?  You betcha.  Amber lenses, black lenses, yellow lenses for low light, all the options of all the expensive brands.  You're not giving up quality, you're giving up on perceived style only.  So it might be better to quit fooling yourself,  you're not fooling anyone else. 

Expensive sunglasses don't make you cool.  They don't last, they get stolen and broken.  They don't protect you any better than cheaper options, and you certainly have better things to spend your money on.  Next time you're shopping for sunglasses, check out www.pugsgear.com and you'll find the best sunglasses on the market for $8-$20. 

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