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4 Different Pugs Gear Hats For Any Summer Occasion

Posted by Doug Eldridge on Aug 11, 2016 6:30:00 AM


Straw Hats, Cool Fedora, Pugs GearSummer fun is in full swing and life is pretty easy with the nice warm weather.  You’re spending more and more time outside through various parties, events and activities and need to figure out a way to keep the sun out of your face without breaking out the messy sunscreen bottle every 30 minutes.  At Pugs gear we think a hat is the perfect solution to your overexposure problem and have gone even further to have figured out which kind of hat you might want to wear for the specific activity you’ll be participating in!

The Straw Hat

Straw Hats, Cool Fedora, Pugs GearNothing says, “Party!” like a good old straw hat!  With a laid back feel and complete summer look, a straw cowboy hat not only goes great with almost any casual attire you have on (whether it be a swim suit to some shorts and a tee) but also provides great sun protection for your face and possibly shoulders with the wider and longer brims. 

Goes great with: Swim suit, Casual summer wear, Southern style clothing

Perfect for these activities: At the pool, Barbecues, Outdoor sporting events


The Cool Fedora

Pugs Gear, Cool Fedora, Straw HatsSleek, sophisticated and fun-loving; a cool fedora can help accentuate any casual to classy outfit while still showing everyone around you that you’re ready to have fun.  Great for both indoor and outdoor events, different styled fedoras can match a variety of different colors and themes so that you’ll never have a mismatch!  So for that more debonair look, grab for the cool fedora, but make sure to not take yourself too seriously!

Goes great with: Suit and tie, Casual summer wear, Swim suit

Perfect for these activities: Indoor events (both casual and classy), At the pool, Outdoor sporting events


The Baseball Cap

Pugs Gear, Cool Fedora, Straw HatsAn American classic, the baseball cap has been providing protection from UV rays for decades now.  Only recently have they become major fashion statements though, so choosing the right baseball cap for you is essential when it comes to getting ready for your summer get together!  Pick out the original styled baseball cap when you’re out to a ball game, on the lake or just having fun at the park.  Put on a flat bill when you want to make more of a fashion statement with more casual attire and throw a trucker hat on when you’re ready to party it up at the pool or in the back yard!  No matter the occasion, there’s definitely a baseball cap for you and your style!

Goes great with: Swim suit (trucker hat), Casual summer wear (all), Athletic wear (original cap)

Perfect for these activities: At the pool, At the park, Barbecues, Outdoor sporting events, On the lake


The Cadet Hat

Pugs Gear, Cool Fedora, Straw HatsFor the longest time, ladies were stuck with big race day hats or nothing at all when it came to headwear.  The changing times and styles have lead to countless different solutions to a woman’s hat problems, including the cadet hat.  Known for its short stubby bill and creative designs, this style of hat is hugely popular with the ladies and is great for many different occasions!  Whether it’s for laying out by the pool, keeping the sun out of their eyes during the game or just for an easy going barbecue with friends, the cadet is on duty!

Goes great with: Swim suit, Casual Summer wear, Athletic wear

Perfect for these activities: At the pool, Barbecues, Outdoor sporting events, Exercising


No matter what you’re doing this summer or how you want to look, there’s a hat that’s perfect for you.  No matter if you’re an easy going fun seeker, a hard core sports fan or a casual party-goer; you’ve got a hat to match!  And don’t forget to throw some shades on to really bring that outfit together for your special occasion this summer!


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