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Do You Keep Losing Your Cheap Sunglasses?

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Aug 5, 2013 6:00:00 AM


We’re sure you’ve heard people say it:

“I only buy cheap sunglasses because I always seem to lose the expensive ones.”

Maybe you’re the one who said it?  Either way, countless pairs of sunglasses are lost each day, some costing well above $100, others just a few bucks.  While the list of ways you can lose your shades is endless, there is a much smaller and more condensed list of reasons why spending less on your sunglasses is the way to go!  Let’s start with our previous conversation…

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You’ll Lose Them

Nothing feels worse than realizing you’ve lost your expensive pair of sunglasses, whether it was your own fault or an act of God.  Not only were you attached to the style, but you can almost feel the $200 you spent on them haunting your bank account!  That moment when your stomach drops and you finally accept that you’re gone can last much longer than you would think, years in some cases.  That feeling doesn’t happen when a pair of cheap sunglasses gets lost.  While you may have been attached to the specific style or color, that’s where your anger stops because you didn’t have to take out a micro loan to look cool!  If you’re investing your money and style wisely in affordable sunglasses like Pugs Gear, then you’ll really feel fine after losing a pair knowing that you can just get online and order yourself the exact same set!  Problem solved!  No recounting stories of lost designer frames 5 years after the fact!

They’ll Break

Either because of you or just due to wear and tear, chances are your sunglasses are going to break some day.  When they do, you may have to spend half a day with a lawyer going through legal jargon and fine print to see if your expensive sunglasses are covered under warranty.  Better hope you can lie while hooked up to a polygraph as they ask you if you were the one who broke them!  Cheap sunglasses break just like expensive ones do, but while you may more heartbroken over the latter; the right pair of affordable shades can still provide you with great customer service with your issues!  If you own a pair of Pugs Gear sunglasses, then you’ll know that your broken frames hold a lifetime warranty on them and all you have to do is mail them back to the warehouse for a new set!  No questions asked, no hassle, no attorney!

They Do the Same Thing

It used to be that if you wanted to get quality sunglasses that also looked cool; you had to pay extra for them.  Cheap sunglasses back in the day gave the industry a bad name and negative connotation by providing consumers with subpar frames, non-protective lenses and un-cool styles.  Pugs Gear is here to tell you that’s just not the case anymore!  Thanks to us, you can find affordable shades that look just as cool as name brands priced over $100 more than us!  We’re scaring the big guys and their high profit margins because they know that our sunglasses have just as much protection and quality as theirs do too.  Whether it’s a pair of cheap polarized sunglasses or a set of quality goggles with Z87 safety ratings, you’ll always be able to find affordable Pugs Gear that provide you with quality and function all around $20!

Losing your sunglasses is never a fun experience, especially if you spent half a month’s rent buying them.  So instead of shelling out all of your hard earned money on something you think will make you look cooler, why not replace your lost pair of name brands with a pair of cheap sunglasses instead?  Affordable brands like Pugs Gear can provide you with everything you’re already getting from your $200 pair of sunglasses for a lot less!  So switch over today, and never worry about spiraling into depression if you lose another pair!

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