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Work Gloves: Necessary for All Seasons

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Jul 26, 2013 10:38:00 AM


How many of you out there are laborers? How many of you make your living by working with your hands? How many of you spend a considerable amount of time working on projects at home? I know I try to work in the yard a few days a week. If you own a house, you know how much work it takes to keep them up. It doesn’t matter if I am at home, work, or helping out a friend, when I am working with my hands, I need them to be protected with quality work gloves. I had been a Pugs customer for quite a while, but until recently, I had only purchased affordable sunglasses from them. Their business has since expanded, and they now offer a variety of other products including phone and iPod chargers, winter hats, and of course some pretty awesome work gloves.work gloves

  • Summertime is Construction Time

Living in Colorado, you can break down the year into two categories: winter and construction season. When winter starts to subside and finally gets agreeable, construction jobs start all over the state. You may have noticed the tunnel construction clogging up I-70, or perhaps you have been desperately waiting for some progress at Broadway and C-470. As we all remember from the ten years it took for the T-REX I-25 renovations to be completed, these things move slowly, especially when everyone is working on a government contract. My advice is, if you are working with your hands for an hour or a year, you might as well protect your hands and use some quality work gloves.

  • Fall into a Big Pile of Leaves

The fall is a very short-lived season in Colorado. Maybe that is because it feels like winter way too quickly when it snows because sometimes there is a thick layer of ice on the ground by Halloween. Despite the fact that we experience colder temperatures at that time of year than most other places in the US, we don’t let it stop us from doing what we need to do.

When our lawns get overrun with falling leaves, we have to clean them up. Unfortunately, if you have ever done any yard work in the bitter cold, you know how sensitive your hands can be. It pays to have quality work gloves that will protect your hands while still providing the necessary flexibility to complete tasks.  That is why I always wear my Pugs work gloves when I rake my lawn. They are both comfortable and well designed, and they protect my hands from the rigors of lawn work.

  • Winter Weather Can Sting Your Fingers

best mechanics gloves, work gloves, pugs gearIn the dead of winter, there are days it can be extremely cold outside. Most of the time I prefer to stay indoors and sit by a fire with a nice hot cup of cocoa, but as my father loves to remind me, I am no longer a 6 year old boy. Sometimes I am forced to brave the weather to do lame activities like go to work.

As most of you who live in colder climates know, there is nothing worse than having to drive a freezing car early in the morning. Having to fool with iced over door handles can be torturous without the proper protection as can trying to hold on to a cold steering wheel.  I like to keep a pair of my Pugs work gloves by my front door specifically for cold driving days. They are made extremely well and come in a few cool colors. They also keep my hands nice and warm, and most importantly, they are extremely affordable.

  • Springtime Skiing Requires Slightly Different Gear

When March and April roll around, Colorado gets some days that are very warm and sunny. And if you have spent any time in the Rockies on a sunny day, you know how powerful that sun can be. Your normal skiing gloves can be way too hot, but not everyone can afford to have designated spring skiing gear, so you have to make do with what you can. That is why I prefer to use my affordable work gloves. They breathe really well, and they are easily replaceable. And they come in some dope colors, so I don’t have to sacrifice steeze for comfort, which is important.


Pugs recently redid their website. It is organized much better and is easy to operate, so if you ever want to replace a pair of gloves or pick up a new pair of sunglasses, you can have them shipped to your door quite easily. This has made me particularly happy because I keep ordering more things.  They make quality products without charging you for the insane marketing expenses. You get a solid product for a fraction of the competitors’ prices. Take a look at their work gloves. I guarantee you will want to buy a pair, and they will last for a long time because Pugs takes great care in the quality of their products. So while you may not need a new pair for quite some time, you may very well order some other gear anyway.

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