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Pugs Beanies Will Do More Than Keep You Warm

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Dec 16, 2013 10:00:00 AM


warm beanieFor any of you readers who live in Colorado, you understand that the weather isn’t always predictable. We don’t have the same consistencies as people who live in most other areas. Just because it is the wintertime doesn’t mean it will be cold today. It could, but it may be warm and sunny. Just because it is sunny right now doesn’t mean it won’t be storming in twenty minutes. And just because it is beautiful and warm in Denver doesn’t mean the mountains aren’t blizzarding. In Colorado, we have to be prepared for intense weather shifts. Because of this, we are forced to bring a warm beanie when we go on adventures.

You have probably once heard someone say that “you lose ninety percent of your body heat through your head.” Maybe they said a different percentage like eighty or seventy five. It doesn’t really matter because none of those figures are even close. The real amount is significantly less. This was a common myth that has recently been proved otherwise by the British Medical Journal. They ran a series of tests and found that an average person actually only lose about seven or eight percent of their body heat through their head. Despite this fact, it is still extremely important to keep your head warm. It may not actually be the majority of your heat, but it will certainly feel like it. For this reason, a warm beanie is always part of my adverse weather gear.

Colorado has a crazy percentage of outdoor enthusiasts, and when I say enthusiasts, I am not only talking about the isolated and interesting locals living in backcountry mountain towns. I am speaking about the people who love the mountains. Many of them don’t exactly live in the mountains at all. Many live in the city during the week and in the mountains in the weekends.

One of my favorite groups of winter folks are the backcountry skiers They don’t care about not having a ski lift because they won’t have a ski lift line. They ski the rough country. They drive up to the mountain passes and the glaciers for short-lived runs that excite them of happier months to come. These few are the skier elite, the true fans of snow that just don’t care for any other seasons. While I don’t necessarily share their winter enthusiasm, I certainly do appreciate their fervor. All I hope is that they don’t get overly excited about the prospect of fresh powder and forget to pack the essentials, like a warm beanie.

Your head is extremely important. I can’t stress that enough. You should take better care of it than you do any other part of your body. So if you are a person to always bring a rain jacket with you in case of a drizzle or sunscreen with you in case of bright sun, make sure you are equally cautious with your dome. If you are going to be in the mountains, bring a warm beanie with you. It’s just the right thing to do.

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