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3 Reasons to Consider the Pugs Apple Car Charger over Big Brands

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Aug 12, 2013 6:14:00 AM


Apple Car Charger 

Advances in technology have lead to great changes seen in our lifetime.  We’ve seen men walk on the moon, cars break the sound barrier and computers go from taking up entire rooms, to being small and light enough to be held in one hand.  Cell phones have changed the way we live our lives and how we interact with people on a daily basis.  Because of that, we look toward various ways of charging our precious devices beyond the single charger given to you when you initially bought your phone. Today it isn’t uncommon for a person to own several chargers for different rooms, as well as an Apple car charger or other car electronic accessories that help them quickly recharge their phone’s battery no matter where they are.  Sadly, many people don’t realize that they are spending 2 to 3 times as much as they should be if they’re purchasing these spare chargers from the same store as they got their phone.  Here are 3 reasons why the next time you need to get a spare charger for your device, you should look to Pugs first.


They’re Inexpensive

Go into the Apple store and browse the Apple car charger section; you’ll notice that you could be paying up to $40 for a single charger!  Instead, check out your local Pugs retailer and compare the $40 version to our $20 charger; we guarantee you won’t find many differences. Here at Pugs, we are always looking to save you money, and because of that we don’t jack up our prices for small but necessary car electronic accessories like other “prestige” brands do. We understand that things in life are expensive and while we all wish we had the money to not worry about dropping $40-50 on a car charger, a $20 version will do the exact same thing and you’ll have saved $30 precious dollars.  The best part is, just because you’re getting a more inexpensive charger, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to deal with low quality product!


They’re High Quality

People today associate products that cost less than the big name brands with poor quality, but that’s simply not the case anymore.  With advances in manufacturing technology and processes, companies like Pugs have been able to cut out major costs on their end and have passed the savings onto the consumer.  Talk to any happy owner of a Pugs car charger and they will attest to the fact that they’ve received top notch charging, the same as what they would have gotten had they gone into the Apple store and purchased one instead.  Don’t fall into the incorrect assumption of “cheaper means that you’re getting less,” because as you can see, it’s just not the case anymore.


They’re Located at Much More Convenient Locations

It used to be, that if you needed a special accessory from Apple, you had to get in your car and make the trek to the local mall and wait in line at a very white store, just so you could be overcharged.  Now, with so many other options when it comes to your car electronic accessories, your nearest back up charger could literally be right around the corner.  Because Pugs is a national brand sold throughout thousands of convenience stores around the country, your nearest car charger could be waiting for you at the nearest gas station!  No more driving for 30 minutes just to wait in line!  And if you don’t feel like leaving the house but still want your charger at a better price, just order it online and ship it right to your door!


Sometimes we might get caught up in the big brand world we live in, and try and buy everything that we need from one place.  But it only takes one look at the bank statement afterwards for the majority of us to realize that we’ll go broke if we get everything from the Apple store.  Instead, change your paradigm about an inexpensive Apple car charger like those made by Pugs and save yourself money while you charge on the go!


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