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Find the Best Mechanics Gloves for Your Project

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Aug 19, 2013 7:30:00 AM


The funny thing about mechanic gloves is that they aren’t just used for working on cars anymore.  No, these types of gloves have countless other applications and are a must for anyone handyman or woman.  No matter what you’re doing, having a pair of reliable mechanics gloves is vital, so picking out the right glove is essential for you and your project.  Protecting your hands when handling dangerous or sharp objects has to be your first priority and if you’re wearing the wrong gloves with poor quality then you’re putting yourself at risk.  Find out what type of glove you should be using for each activity and what you should be looking for in quality.

Mechanic gloves, Pugs Gear, Best Mechanics GlovesAuto Work

When looking for the best mechanics gloves on the market, keep in mind that you need something that is durable, comfortable and allows you the sensitivity needed to feel and control smaller objects.

  • Quality stitching must be present in order to uphold the dexterity of the glove.

  • The fit needs to be snug to allow for optimal sensitivity.

  • Design should allow for personal preference of finger use, reinforcing the knuckles in the case of removing the tips of the glove.

The Pugs gear heavy duty work glove is perfect for auto work with durable materials used throughout the product, color contrast stitching to show quality sewing, reinforced fingers and palm pads as well as an adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit on your wrist.

Mechanic gloves, Pugs Gear, Best Mechanics GlovesConstruction

Construction work requires keeping your hands safe from debris while still allowing you the comfort and sensitivity needed to perform skilled work with your hands.

  • A light-weight, breathable material is needed to ensure your hands are sweating during a hard day’s work in the sun.

  • If you’re wearing goggles or protective glasses, a terry cloth-covered thumb allows you to wick away sweat and dust off your lenses instead of dirtying up your shirt and displacing your protective wear.

The Pugs gear work gloves are the perfect construction glove with their breathable spandex fabric for hot days, reinforced foam palm pad for protection and durability and a terry cloth thumb for cleaning off your eye gear.

Mechanic gloves, Pugs Gear, Best Mechanics GlovesHome Improvement

Getting things done around the house often times means getting your hands dirty, so be sure you’re protecting your paws with the right set of gloves.

  • Light weight gloves are perfect for chores around the house like yard and garden work, moving heavy furniture or dealing with dirty objects.

  • Be sure your home improvement gloves are tight fitting; allowing for maximum sensitivity while keeping your hands safe and debris out.

  • Look for foam covered fingers and palms in order to maximize grip so that you’re not dropping heavy or valuable objects.

  • Be sure your gloves are abrasion and cut proof as well as oil resistant to ensure your hands stay safe and dry no matter what you’re doing.

The Pugs gear Nitrile Foam glove allows for a form fit while providing protection and grip through its foam dipped palms and fingers.  These heavy duty yet light weight gloves protect your hands against oil as well as abrasions and punctures.

best work gloves, mechanic gloves, mechanix gloveHaving the right mechanic glove makes all the difference when it comes to successfully performing the task at hand.  You not only need to protect your hand from debris, sharp objects and foreign oils and liquids but you also need to ensure the necessary sensitivity, sure grip and durability in order to get the best use and feel out of the glove.  So the next time you’re pulling out your gloves for your next project, keep these tips in mind and use the right glove for the job!

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