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Why Cheap Polarized Sunglasses Protect My Weekends – Part 1

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Aug 13, 2013 12:16:00 PM


I just had an amazing weekend. For the first time in way too many years, I took a trip to my family’s cabin in Hardy, Arkansas. This place has always been extremely special to me. I grew up going there. Most weekends of spring, summer, and fall of my childhood were spent there. Finally getting back there after all of these years rejuvenated my soul. I was able to relax in a way that I had forgotten was possible. While there I made a mistake that could have ruined my trip, but because I choose to exclusively buy cheap polarized sunglasses, everything went swimmingly.cheap polarized sunglasses

  • Background

I’ve been told I have been going up there since I was two weeks old. I was born in June, and my mother was so hot from the Southern heat and excited to no longer be pregnant that she took me up to Northern Central Arkansas as soon as possible. I was the youngest of three children, so my parents always had their hands full with us in the city. It was a little easier to go somewhere there was room for the kids to run around and entertain themselves. Also, Hardy was and continues to be a wonderful place for both excitement and total relaxation.

As you probably assumed, the cultural surroundings of Hardy, Arkansas can be quite limited. As with any of isolated and rural community, the locals tend to be a bit… unique. They are country folk who enjoy their country lifestyles. But like many other vacation destinations, they make their living off of the “tourists.” Now, my family has owned the same cabin for over seventy five years. We don’t live their year round, but we have consistently been there numerous weekends each year for all those years. For this reason, I don’t consider us to be tourists, but we are far from locals.

This particular trip was special for a few reasons. Firstly, since I moved out to Colorado in 2006, I haven’t been able to go very often. While it is a mere two and a half hour trip from my home town of Memphis, it is a grueling fourteen hour drive from Denver. That means I must be much more selective when I go. And as many of you young professionals know, it can be extremely difficult to get out of the office for an extended time, so most of my weekend trips have been to closer Colorado destinations. Luckily for me, I was able to find a time to come, and this time, I got to bring my serious girlfriend for my parents to finally spend some time with.

Another reason I was particularly excited is that I was going to get to do some fishing with my dad. He is an amazing fisherman and the reason fishing is a big passion in my life. He told me to bring some of my fly-fishing gear down from Colorado, so we could try to hit one of the colder spring fed rivers that is home to many types of trout. He said he would bring me a rod if I would just bring my vest and fishing glasses, so I packed my vest into my bad and made sure to include two pairs of my cheap polarized sunglasses. (I buy all of my pairs from Pugs these days because they are made well and I can always bring a primary and backup pair for less than one pair from a fancy brand.)

  • Girlfriend Meets the Parents

sunglasses for girls, women's sunglasses, pugs sunglassesUnlike many young guys, I have always been a monogamous guy. I find a girl that I like and am compatible with, and I stick with her. We work on our relationship until it becomes clear that she isn’t right for me, and then I move on. I found such a girl about two years ago and have been dating her since. Unfortunately, in that amount of time, I haven’t been home very much, and they have only been out to Colorado to visit once. There they got to meet, but you can’t really get to know someone over the course of dinner, so this got to be the first real opportunity for my parents to spend some time with her.

I was fairly nervous about this because I have spent so much time with her family. Most of them live in Denver, so I get to be the date to all the family functions, and believe me, her family is one with a lot of functions. I have grown quite close to them, but they make it easy since they are so open. My family is quite different. They are very welcoming and polite, but only up until arms reach. On the way there I even prepared her not to be expecting a warm hug because that just isn’t the type of people they are, or at least it didn’t used to be. They finally got to spend a few days with her, and it turns out they love her. She is bold enough for them to respect but also polite and courteous enough for them to appreciate. She too is originally from the South, so I think that common mentality gives her a leg up, but still, it went much better than expected.


My father and I didn’t even end up going fishing, but the trip was still amazing. My girlfriend and I just hung out with my parents the whole time. If we weren’t relaxing by the water, we were eating. We had a few elaborate meals at our place. We went out for one breakfast, and we even went to an old friend’s house for a country feast. My Pugs cheap polarized sunglasses are so good that I wear them in all contexts.  I wear them to work, to dinner, and to the river. They are the perfect Hardy glasses.

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