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Why Cheap Polarized Sunglasses Protect My Weekends – Part 2

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Aug 14, 2013, 9:00:00 AM


This is the second part of my story about returning to Arkansas with my girlfriend to meet my parents at our family cabin. This was the first time they got to spend a significant amount of time together, so I wanted everything to be perfect. And it was, but only because I didn’t mind losing a pair of cheap polarized sunglasses.

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  • The Mistake

So everything was going great. The family liked my girlfriend. I was finally at my cabin, and I was able to hang out on the Spring River. (Many people grew up playing in lakes or the ocean. I grew up playing in a river. That is where I really learned to be a strong swimmer and where I caught my first fish. It was where I learned to be a real southern boy.) The problem with hanging out near any body of water is that the reflection from the sun can damage your eyes and burn your skin. That is why I always bring my cheap polarized sunglasses with me. They block out the sun and help reduce the glare, so I can read

, swim, or fish with ease.

As my girlfriend was coming with me all the way to Arkansas, I thought I should provide her with a couple pairs of her own for the journey. I know how bright it can be, but I also know how strong the current can be. It is very easy to lose a pair of glasses, so I brought her two. Unfortunately, I had assumed that she would be the one to maybe lose a pair, but as it turns out, it was completely my fault. My girlfriend was being sweet and peaceful, just floating on a raft that was tied to the dock. She decided to set her tiger-striped pair on the dock. I was in a better position to place them on the dock, so I took them from her only to way-too-lightly toss them. The result was they never reached the dock, and they immediately sank and disappeared. Now, had my girlfriend been wearing her typical fancy glasses, she but more likely I would have been out a few hundred bucks. But because I gave her a great couple of pairs of cheap polarized sunglasses from Pugs, replacement will be no problem.

cheap polarized sunglasses, sports goggles, pugsgearI was left with a little bit of worry because my father had witnessed the whole thing. He had been standing on the edge of the dock when this happened. In fact, he originally was reaching for the cheap polarized sunglasses before I took them. So when I tossed them, entirely too softly, he instinctively dropped to his knees trying to save them. He was unsuccessful in that but quite successful in bruising up his newly reconstructed knees. I was terrified that he had seriously damaged himself, but it turns out he still has some grit left in him. He walked it off and was just fine.

Now I am not certain that just because I lost her glasses means the whole trip would have been ruined, but the mood certainly would have taken a hit. Neither of us makes very much money, so we really can’t afford to shell out for expensive glasses. Luckily Pugs provides us with an excellent selection of cheap polarized sunglasses for all occasions. She just popped on the second pair, and I am only out fifteen dollars. You can’t beat that deal.


I took a few lessons from this past trip to Hardy. Firstly, my Dad, though up there in years, is still in good shape. He has been working out, and he is still quite tough. If his old body can take it, I should probably be on a similar workout regimen because I am pretty sure dropping to the wood like that would have shattered my knees. Secondly, I shouldn’t underestimate my parent’s ability to be warm loving creatures. I thought they were just always going to be a little standoff-ish to my girlfriends, but I think they were just waiting for the right one. Finally, I am not one to invest in expensive pairs of sunglasses. I understand that you can probably get an incredible pair of polarized sunglasses for a few hundred dollars, but it just isn’t worth it to me. Pugs makes many excellent pairs of cheap polarized sunglasses. I can wear them anywhere and with anything, and most importantly, I can replace them for next to nothing. I like to not have to worry about that sort of thing, so I can be free to enjoy myself. Had I not brought my girlfriend a pair of cheap polarized sunglasses, I probably would not have been able to forgive myself for losing them. 

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