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3 Things Riders Look For In Motorcycle Glasses and Goggles

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Aug 26, 2013 7:00:00 AM


Motorcycle Goggles, Motorcycle Glasses, Pugs GearRiders are their own breed, always have been.  Whether the open road is your playground or mounds of dirt and 50 foot jumps, your bike is your way of life and the gear you wear on it needs to fit your lifestyle.  For those of us that ride, you’ll know that the gear you need for when you’re on your bike has to be special.  Your boots need to be just a bit tougher than most, your gloves strong enough to win a fight against asphalt and your motorcycle goggles and sunglasses a mixture of style, versatility and comfort.  Those three elements are key when it comes to riders choosing their next pair of motorcycle glasses and here’s a better explanation why they need each one of them.


Riders need their motorcycle glasses to be able to perform many functions, whether it be to just protect their eyes from the sun, shelter them from freezing rain or snow or just to shield them from the drying factors of the wind.  Glasses and goggles like those made by Pugs gear fit these standards to a tee, providing riders with gear that not only provide excellent UV protection but also allow their users the freedom of wearing them for many different occasions and uses while on the road during any part of the year.

Motorcycle Goggles, Motorcycle Glasses, Pugs GearComfort

If you’re going to be on your bike for long periods of time the last thing you’re going to want on you is a pair of uncomfortable motorcycle goggles or glasses.  You need a pair that fits perfectly on your head, with comfortable nose and ear pieces and a cushioning barrier around the frame to make sure your sunglasses will stay put comfortably during your ride.  Instead of wearing sunglasses with poor quality nose pieces that let the wind and weather get to your eyes, take a look at some of these items from Pugs gear that look to protect your eyes from all the elements while still providing you with the highest comfort possible.


Riders don’t need rhinestones or gaudy designs.  They don’t need huge brand logos or flashy colors.  They just need something simple and tough, because that’s all riding really is.  Simple color schemes, sleek designs and a bold look are the only things needed when considering a pair of motorcycle gogglesMotorcycle glasses are meant to provide comfort and versatility fist and style last because to a biker, protecting their eyes from the elements in any condition is much more important that looking good on the road.

motorcycle sunglasses, riding glasses, biker glassesJust like anyone else looking for a pair of new shades, motorcycle riders have a list of qualifiers when it comes to picking out the right pair of sunglasses or goggles.  The open road or dirt track is an unforgiving place and because of that, riders need a set of shades that can handle anything.  They need to be versatile enough to take on whatever challenge is thrown their way, during any part of the year.  They need to be comfortable enough to where the rider might forget they’re even on their face while still protecting his/her eyes from the dangers on the road.  After those critical elements are taken care of, these motorcycle goggles need to have the right kind of style to fit a rider’s easy going lifestyle.  Leave the flashy frames at home and keep the rhinestones to yourself when you’re looking for a pair of riding glasses!  Be sure to take a look at some of our motorcycle glasses and goggles and see for yourself why Pugs gear and riders were made for each other.

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