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Retro Aviator Sunglasses and Other Concert Fashion Styles – Part 2

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Aug 24, 2013 9:45:00 AM


Welcome to Part 2 of the Retro Aviator Sunglasses and Other Concert Fashion Styles

The State of Colorado has become a mecca for beer lovers. A few years back, the government succeeded in passing measures beneficial to brewers, and the scene has been growing ever since. You can cruise around downtown Denver and visit many incredible breweries. Denver Beer Company. Prost Brewing, River North Brewing, Renegade Brewery, Great Divide Brewing Co, Wynkoop Brewing Company, Breckenridge Brewery, Strange Brewing Company, Rocky Bottom Brewery. The list goes on and on. Denver has many beer themed events. They even host the biggest beer annual beer festival in the country. The Great American Beer Festival comes over October and attracts breweries and beer enthusiasts from all over the country. There is always so much good beer in this city to be paired with wonderful food.retro aviator sunglasses

I never really understood how it came to be, but Denver has been and remains to be a food mecca as well. There are many quality restaurants in Denver, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to eat really well. You can also wear pretty much anything to even the fanciest of restaurants. A nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt will get you into any restaurant in Denver.

The city offers a special combination of quality food in a relaxed atmosphere. But even with these wonderful traits: Denver’s delicious food and amazing beer, the phenomenal natural resources, the amazing selection of professional sports to follow, my favorite part about living in Denver is the music scene.  

You can see rock, punk, funk, and jazz all in the same night, as the music selection is more diverse than any other feature of the city. It is great to be able to celebrate all of these cultures, but it is important to know what groups you can expect at these places. We have already discussed the frat bros and sorority girls as well as the Local Fanz. They make up the majority of the people partying in neon colors, but what about all those other hipster looking folks rocking classic aviator sunglasses? Who are they?

  • Diehard Superfans

Every band provides their own breed of diehard superfans. Many Phish fans love to rock the classic hippy look. Many Dave Mathews Band fans wear khaki shorts and collared shirts. Many Jack White fans wear white and red outfits. And many Kiss fans wear black and paint their faces. Every band has their own style, and their fans tend to follow suit, but just because they all dress the same way doesn’t mean they will act the same.

cheap polarized sunglasses, sports goggles, pugsgearAs with any large group, there will be varying degrees of douchebags. Your task is to be able to know which people are good and which aren’t. Pay attention to their energy. Most superfans are going to be extremely happy because they are about to see their favorite musicians. These people are exceedingly nice and almost always there early. They will be wearing a great show outfit with some classic aviator sunglasses. There are also usually informed as well, so if you have any questions about show times, venue policies, set list from the previous night, etc. These are the people you should ask.

You should be able to recognize them from their band t-shirt, hat, pins, or tattoo. People who love a band and follow them around to a lot of shows like to be able to show you where they have been, but often their memories aren’t too sharp from all the partying, so they wear keepsakes to help remember. In my case, my long sleeve concert t-shirt reminds me that I attended Shania Twain’s 2003 Up! World Tour. (Yes, it was awesome…) But I remind you to read people’s energy because even though almost all of these people are going to be super happy and thus exceedingly nice, every now and then one of these people cracks under the pressure of getting to see their favorite band, and they just turn sour. In this case, maybe ask someone else where the bathrooms are…

  • Young Parents Fans

These people are a funny group to see at music shows because they are either super relaxed or extremely stressed out, depending on whether they have their kids with them. They are young parents, so they have children to take care of every hour of every day. If they have a baby sitter watching the kids, these people will be extremely happy. They rarely get nights away and are used to taking care of people, so if you need help or want a free beer, these are the people to ask. But if the kids are there, and they are struggling to keep tabs of them in the middle of a big crowd, you may want to leave them alone.

You will be able to spot them by their dated outfits. They have been out of the fun game for a while, so they are probably diaper bag on one shoulder or they at least have some spit-up stains on their favorite band t-shirt.

  • Religious Straight Edge Fans

This is a limited breed of fan. You don’t see them everywhere, but certain bands have devoted followers; let’s call them disciples. They don’t smoke and rarely drink. They don’t curse. They always go to church, and they read the bible daily. They love Jesus and they love Dave Mathews Band and the Zac Brown Band. And I do mean love. Something about denying your other worldly desires sure makes your one vice extra sweet. I know my mother loves her one cigarette a day. I sure do love my daily cookie. These people love seeing music. So long as you aren’t taking the Lord’s name in vain, they will probably be quite nice, so just make sure to be polite and spread the gospel about the advantages of Pugs classic aviator sunglasses.


There are many different types of people at these Colorado music shows. Some are young and wild and still in college. Others are new parents just looking for a night away from the kids. Some are straight-edge Christians. Some are diehard superfans who have been waiting for this show all year. They are all so different, but they share the thrill of live music.

So if you happen to be in town catching one of these shows, don’t worry if you don’t dress exactly like one of the many groups of people around you. You are all there for similar reasons, and you all want to have fun. Just remember to hydrate properly and frequently mention how amazing Colorado is. Other than that, don’t forget your classic aviator sunglasses because they go with every outfit, and that Colorado sun can be brutal.

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