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Are You Pugs Gear Ready?

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Sep 2, 2013 7:00:00 AM


Not everyone has what it takes to be a true Pugs gear fan.  In fact, it takes a very special kind of person to really rock a pair of Pugs and know what they’re all about.  We’re a rough and tumble kind of brand, looking to break the mold in almost any way possible, whether it’s providing quality cheap sunglasses to people across the nation or skipping out on the big city buzz on weekends for the open road and crisp mountain air.  Think you have what it takes to call yourself a true Pugs gear fan?  Have a look at a few of our indicators below and see where you stand!

Pugs Gear, Cheap Sunglasses, Best Mechanics Gloves, Cheap Polarized SunglassesDo you enjoy the outdoors?

It’s no secret that Pugs gear loves the outdoors!  Nestled in the beautiful Utah scenery, we can’t get enough of nature and everything it has to offer.  Just like us, our best fans love going out camping, boating and hiking in the great outdoors!  They put our quality cheap polarized sunglasses to good use as they ride around the lake or patiently sit on the water waiting for a bite.  They make sure their Pugs gear sunglasses see what few others have by taking them far into the wilderness and up rough mountains as they push themselves to and past their limits.  These places are true Pugs gear fans’ real homes, the cities are just where they reside while waiting to come back!

Pugs Gear, Cheap Sunglasses, Best Mechanics Gloves, Cheap Polarized SunglassesAre you a fan of motor sports?

While true Pugs gear fans may enjoy many sports, their blood really doesn’t start rushing until they’re watching or participating in an adrenaline pumping motor sport!  NASCAR gets them going like nobody’s business as they spend their days on the midways with their cheap sunglasses protecting their eyes so that they can watch the race later that day!  Dirt bikes and four wheelers call out their names as they glide through the countryside and launch off enormous jumps with our sports goggles on.  Even just a nice joy ride on their favorite hog gives them more pleasure than the average football fan watching a game-winning touchdown pass. 

Pugs Gear, Cheap Sunglasses, Best Mechanics Gloves, Cheap Polarized SunglassesAre you not afraid to get dirty?

Real Pugs gear fans are tough people who work the nine to five shift and call that an easy day.  They wrap their hands with our best mechanics gloves because those are their “money makers.”  These people aren’t afraid of getting a little grease on their favorite shirt and they most certainly don’t shy away from doing the dirty work that is needed to get a job done.  They’re tough people, and they need a pair of quality cheap sunglasses that are just as tough as them because at the end of the day they don’t worry about how they look but how well they got the job done just like their sunglasses.

Are you always on the go?

True Pugs gear fans never have the luxury of being able to slow life down and take things easy.  They’re fast-paced people who have more things to do in life than there is time in the day so they need a sunglasses and work gloves provider that fits their hard-working, fast-paced lifestyle.  That’s why Pugs gear provides quality cheap sunglasses and only our best mechanics gloves at convenience stores all around the country, so that when our fans need us, we’re always there!

As we said earlier; not everyone can be a full on Pugs gear fan.  But don’t worry!  You don’t have to fit into every single category listed above to think of yourself as a hard core fan!  If you believe in any one thing listed above then you can consider yourself on the same wavelength as us and a true Pugs gear fan!

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