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Affordable Sunglasses and The Last Gasp of Summer

Posted by Doug Eldridge on Aug 23, 2016 7:30:00 AM


affordable sunglassesIt is so hard to watch the summer days get shorter. I quickly get used to the luxury of having it still be a little bit light out at 8:30 even though those days only last for a couple weeks. It is just so nice to be able to have that much sun. It opens the doors for so many great activities. Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last. In Colorado, it quickly turns to a gasp of fall before winter comes rolling in.

  • Working Up A Sweat

I don’t work out very often, a fact that my girlfriend enjoys reminding me of quite often, but when I do, I need complete focus. Colorado can have some intense winters. We get a lot of snow, and at times, the temperature can drop quite low, and the desire to workout outside is almost nothing. So during the summer, I make it my business to take advantage of that warm weather.


I try to run a couple times a week after work. It isn’t usually for very long, but I just want to do something to get my heart rate up. Unfortunately, since my dedication is suspect to begin with, it doesn’t take a lot to derail my efforts. That is why I need total focus on the task at hand and cannot afford to be worried about the sun.


I feel the same way when I am hiking. Climbing a mountain can be one of the most inspiring and rewarding activities I will do all summer, but it can also be pure torture. When I am getting higher and higher in elevation, the sun is getting more and more powerful. I need quality protection from the sun. That is why I always hike wearing my polarized sunglasses from Pugs.


  • Doing The Things You Love

One of the most wonderful aspects of the summer is the opportunity to do all of those special things you love. Maybe you like to garden. Perhaps you prefer to spend your time biking around your city. I, for one, enjoy golfing and fishing. As a child, I learned both of these from my father. He was a busy man, and I had a couple of older brothers, and my quality time with him was limited. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I should try to take up his hobbies so we could share that time. And I am so happy I did that because his passions became my passions. Now, many years later, I get ample opportunity to do both while living in Colorado.


Fishing in this state is unbelievable. There are so many natural rivers and so many wonderful mountain lakes full of wild trout. It is truly a privilege to get to get to fish these waters regularly, but it would be all for nothing if I didn’t have my Pugs Gear quality yet oddly affordable sunglasses. They allow me to see better into the water while still protecting my eyes. Golfing is no different. I can’t golf at night. I live in Colorado, so that means it is going to be sunny. I will need my polarized sunglasses to minimize the distractions caused by that aggressive sun, so I can focus on my next swing.


  • During Your Last Gasp Of Summer

It doesn’t matter what you are doing during the summer. Maybe you are catching a day-game at the baseball park. Perhaps you are playing yard games at a buddy’s BBQ. Maybe you are hanging out with coworkers on the rooftop deck at a local bar for happy hour. You may have a family trip planned for the beach. You may even be in a softball league at your company picnic. No matter what you are doing, you have one need in common. Quality sunglasses will help you be able to roll with the weather and disregard everything else, freeing you up to focus on the wonderful summertime activity at hand.


There is nothing better than a good pair of sunglasses on a bright day. They look good and feel good. And if you are smart like me and only buy Pugs Gear, they are affordable sunglasses too. Unfortunately, we are near the end of summertime, so make the most out of these short few weeks. Let your polarized sunglasses do the work, so you can enjoy your last gap of warm weather. And to all of you people who live in warm climates year round, hush. No one wants to hear the top reasons why you love Miami in December. It just isn’t fair. If I am cold, you should be too.


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