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Labor Day Camping Adventures With Pugs Gear!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Sep 3, 2013 8:49:00 AM


This last weekend I got the opportunity to camp out in the Rockies with some of my good friends for a bachelor party, and it would've been a tough time without my Pugs! Instead of the typical bachelor party antics, my friend Adam wanted to spend his last weekend of bachelorhood out in the wild, hiking through the wilderness and grilling steaks. It was an awesome time getting away from the office and out into the fresh air. Every day brought a new hike and scenery and every evening filled the sky with stars. But it would've been a much tougher weekend if I didn't have a couple important items from Pugs! affordable sunglasses


Without my Pugs sunglasses, there would've been a lot of squinting out in the face of the bright mountain sun. Three days out in the wild means lots of UV rays, and while my skin may have lost the battle against the sun, at least my eyes were protected from glare with my sunglasses. We traversed lots of different terrain, and the tint of my sunglasses helped keep everything clear and distinct, all while protecting my eyes. There was glare from a mountain lake that we fished in, and even off some snow on the very top of a mountain. Best of all, I wasn't paranoid about losing an expensive pair of sunglasses like some of friends. Because Pugs are so affordable, if you lose a pair, it won't ruin your whole weekend!


The other item I would've been in trouble without is the Pugs All-In-One car charger. Just because we were out in the middle of nowhere didn't mean that I didn't need to have my phone charged as much as possible. If my phone died, none of these photos would've been possible! Best of all, having an all-in-one charger meant we could all take advantage of my buddy's solar charger, so we could all keep our phones alive throughout the weekend. Being in the wilderness doesn't mean we shouldn't send a text here and there! Pugs All-In-One Charger is a lifesaver, whether you're camping or just making your daily commute. Don't miss out on a big college sports upset or an important email because your phone is dead. Pugs has all the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry chargers you need to keep your phone running!wayfarer sunglasses


Everyone needs a great pair of sunglasses, and even more than usual when you're out in the elements and dealing with the sun and glare. Make sure you have the perfect pair of Pugs sunglasses with great tint and UV protection to help protect your eyes. With so many styles of Pugs, there's bound to be some that you love, and because they are so affordable, you can get some for different occasions! If you're as attached to your phone as I am, then you'll need to grab a Pugs All-In-One Car Charger as well. With built-in plugs for the wall and your car, you'll be fully charged wherever you are! With Pugs, you'll be ready for your next camping experience or whatever else comes your way!

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