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The Pugs Gear You’ll Need for Fall

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Sep 16, 2013 7:30:00 AM


Fall is fast approaching and for many of us it can’t come soon enough.  While the scorching heat this year has given all of us plenty of time to rock our Pugs gear sunglasses and straw hats, we can all agree that it’s time for summer to pack up and go home for the year!  So as the season starts to change, make sure you’re ready for everything the new weather is about to throw at you with some cold weather Pugs gear!

Pugs Gear, Cool Beanie Hats, Cheap SunglassesCool Beanie Hats

Cooler weather means the need to keep that noggin’ warm!  Cover up those ears in style with some cool beanie hats from Pugs!  It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of cute headbands, normal knit hats, beanies with awesome designs, puff ball hats or snow bum hats, Pugs gear has you covered!  Make sure you’re stocking up on all your favorite headwear for the season early and be ready for the when the temperatures drop!

Warm Winter Gloves

There’s nothing worse than having frozen hands on a cold day!  You can’t feel your fingers, let alone grab anything or doing anything productive with them.  Don’t get caught in the cold without a nice pair of gloves from Pugs gear.  There are styles for everyone too; work gloves for the tough guy working outside, chenille gloves for those who just want warm hands, fingerless mittens for those who can’t make up their minds and tech gloves for that person who needs to stay connected no matter the temperature outside!  Winter gloves are an absolute must in many places around the country when the seasons start to change, so find the right pair for you early and prepare yourself for the cold fronts heading your way.

Pugs Gear, Cool Beanie Hats, Cheap SunglassesCar Charger

Colder weather means more time in the car during traffic as drivers prefer to take their commute a little slower and safer during more extreme weather bursts.  This added time can lead to depleted battery power on your mobile devices and depleted sanity levels for you as a consequence.  Keep everything fully charged with a Pugs car charger made for either apple or android devices.  Want to make sure your battery stays charged while at the office too?  Take a look at our all-in-one charger that gives you the ability to charge your phone in your car as well as at the office in a wall socket!  No matter where you are or what you’re doing during the winter, your phone is going to run out of juice at some point, so make sure you’re ready to give it a boost with the help from a trusty charger of some kind!

Cheap Sunglasses

Just because the summer is gone doesn’t mean that the sun is going away for good.  Morning commutes are still going to be accompanied by glaring sunrises and sunny days will still exists even after the leaves change color and start falling.  Some weather during the colder months can be especially dangerous when snow and water on roads and other surfaces reflect the glare of the sun causing decreased visibility and possibly dangerous situations for those affected.  Combat these situations with polarized sunglasses that will help you beat those harmful rays and protect you from being blinded by those reflections.  Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look cool, so be sure to grab a pair of sunglasses to help you beat the sun and its rays during the colder months!

The fall and winter seasons can be demanding, so make sure you’re ready for everything Mother Nature is about to throw at you with the necessary Pugs gearKeep your head and ears warm with a cool beanie hat, protect your paws from frostbite and other ailments with a pair of winter gloves, keep your mobile devices alive and well with the right car charger and stay cool and safe with a pair of cheap sunglasses for every occasion!

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