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4 Fall Activities for You and Your Pugs Gear

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Sep 25, 2013 8:00:00 AM


Pugs Gear, Cool Beanie Hats, Affordable SunglassesThe first days of Fall have finally come and with it a swift change in the weather, at least for us.  The nights and early mornings are noticeably cooler and the days are starting to make their way towards lower temperatures as well.  Fall is an especially exciting time of year for many, with its cooler weather, enchanting holidays and festive activities and traditions.  So if you find yourself sitting at home one afternoon this fall or wondering what to do for your autumn Friday night, here are a few ideas to get you going!  And don’t forget your Pugs gear!

Go on a hike to see the changing leaf colors

One of the more beautiful scenes during the fall months is the changing of leaf colors on the trees.  Why not take in this magic by going for a nice hike in the local woods, or through the nearest park?  Grab your affordable sunglasses from Pugs gear and go find a naturally beautiful area and take in one of nature’s greatest seasonal gifts.  People do it all the time; they even have a name for them- leafers. 

Have fun in a corn maze

This is one of your author’s favorite autumn activities!  Throw in a little haunting in that corn and I’m good to go!  You can find yourself some kind of corn maze almost anywhere in this country and it’s a perfect activity for both days and nights!  Bring a cool beanie hat from Pugs gear if you’re headed to one of these at night though, things can get pretty chilly!

Pugs Gear, Cool Beanie Hats, Affordable SunglassesCarve a pumpkin

Jack-o-lanterns are probably one of the most recognizable symbols of the fall season, or at least for October.  Join the fun and get yourself a nice big pumpkin, gut it and start designing your very own carving.  The biggest question is whether you want to go with a classic face or a custom piece of art?  Just make sure you’re keeping your hands safe while wielding that knife!  Maybe some nice work gloves from Pugs gear could protect your paws during the jack-o-lantern slashing!

Have some pumpkin pie and apple cider

If you’re going to be carving a pumpkin you might as well have yourself some pumpkin pie too!  There are so many great seasonal dishes for this time of year, all of them bringing so much unique flavor.  Bake a nice pie, roast some pumpkin seeds, enjoy a cup of warm cider or maybe just gorge yourself on some Halloween candy.  No matter what you have, make sure you take the time to really enjoy the season’s best known dishes.

There are so many great things to do during the fall season, and this list is only scratching the surface.  Make sure you’re taking advantage of the year’s last few days of reasonable weather by getting out and enjoying some autumn activities.  Fall is truly magical, Pugs fans, so grab your Pugs gear and make the most of it!

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