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You Probably Need a Few Pairs of Pugs Sunglasses

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Nov 14, 2013 7:45:00 AM

cheap polarized sunglasses

When picking out sunglasses, you first need to think about where you want to use them. For me, I have a few different needs. I need polarized sunglasses for fishing. I need a good pair for biking that will stay on my face, and I need a solid casual pair that I can wear out. Luckily for me, I can get all of these styles for cheap at Pugs.

  • You need a pair of fishing glasses

It is absolutely necessary for me to have a pair of sunglasses dedicated to fly-fishing. As you know, I used to constantly lose my pair of cheap polarized sunglasses, and then it would be time for me to go fishing, and I wouldn’t have anything to wear. Now, if you are an angler, you probably already know how important it is to be able to see into the water. Unfortunately, our eyes just aren’t that good at seeing through glare off the water. The polarization of the lenses helps you do this immensely, and it is such an advantage if you can actually see the trout cruising under the surface. (Hint – it is always easier to catch fish when you know where to cast.) For this reason, I decided many years ago that my best option was to buy and keep a pair only for fishing. They get stored with all my other gear when I am not out on the water. This helps eliminate the chance that I am going to lose them while I’m not fishing, but I am still capable of losing them while I am fishing. Sometimes they will slide off my face and fall into the water. Other times I simply set them down and forget about them. For this reason, I prefer cheap polarized sunglasses for my water-based activities.

  • Specialized glasses for biking are a must

I need very different things out of my biking glasses than I do anything else. I am a fairly big dude, so when I am cruising down a mountain, I tend to pick up a lot of speed. This can be annoying when wearing regular sunglasses because the air is moving so quickly that it whips up under the lenses and allows dust and other particles to get into your eyes. This is especially problematic when riding quickly on thin road bike tires so close to a cliff. Because of this, I need a pair of cheap sunglasses that are specifically made for bikers. That way they come with a padded lining around the inside of the lens. They are also made to hold on to your head well because they know bikers can’t afford to stop and pick up a pair that falls off. As we know, however, nothing is fool proof. It is still possible to drop, scratch, or lose them. That is why I always keep a pair of cheap sunglasses for biking, so I am always prepared.motorcycle sunglasses, riding glasses, biker glasses

  • Get a pair to relax in

When I am relaxing, I prefer a very different style of cheap sunglasses. I don’t typically wear athletic gear outside of those activities, so athletic-styled sunglasses rarely match my outfits. I prefer something looser. I prefer something that gives the impression that I am both chill and like to party. For that reason I like to wear retro aviator sunglasses. They are a classic look, and they might make me remind the ladies of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, so that is always a plus.


Everyone has different priorities. I like to eat delicious meals and go see live music, but I still need to purchase the things that are important. I need my sunglasses in a purely functional sense for a variety of activities. Also, I tend to lose them. This is why I exclusively buy cheap sunglasses. They give me the freedom to go out and do what I want without having to worry about losing a big investment. If you are like me, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on sunglasses, check out Pugs. They have an amazing selection that is made well, and they only cost a fraction of the competitors. 


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