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Goodbye Breaking Bad and Walter White's Sunglasses

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 1, 2013, 11:03:00 AM


Breaking Bad, the AMC drama about a chemistry teacher turned meth cook and kingpin, finished its TV run this last Sunday. After an explosive and intense final 8 episodes, it's being considered one of the greatest shows of all time, and the show, producers, and actors have won their weight in Emmys and other awards. Other shows may try, but it will be a while before anything impresses on television at the level that Breaking Bad did.


Set in sunny New Mexico, Breaking Bad has it's fair share of memorable moments and characters, especially Heisenberg, the main character's criminal alias. As "Heisenberg," Walter White donned a black pork pie hat and some less-than-cool sunglasses, but Bryan Cranston's amazing performance made the character cooler than any accessories. No doubt we're going to see many Halloween costumes later this month around Walter White and his partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman.

breaking bad

Breaking Bad may be over, but we'll see plenty of wannabe Heisenbergs and Pinkmans this Halloween. Want to get the perfect pair of affordable sunglasses for the costume, or for your road trip to New Mexico to see the White family car wash? Head over to Pugs and see what we've got!


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