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Colder Weather Is a Great Season to Sport Pugs

Posted by Adrian Doggrell on Nov 8, 2013 10:30:00 AM


polarized sunglassesI find myself a little sad in during the fall season. Living in Colorado can be a bit frustrating in that way. To begin with, our fall season is pretty limited. It seems like we only get a couple weeks of cool fall weather before it turns into full-blown winter. Maybe we get a month, but that is about it. It just feels like summer rolls right into winter, and that just doesn’t sit well with me. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to take some things slow, and seasonal changes are just one of those things.

So many people around here don’t mind because they are in love with the winter. Seriously, I have friends, and even a co-workera at Pugs, that like to publish social media posts in the summer about the upcoming winter season. I don’t need to be reminded in July that “We only have 100 days until Breckenridge Ski Mountain opens!” I don’t need to know how you just bought a brand new pair of skis, and I certainly don’t need to know that you “got in over eighty days of skiing last year” and that you “can’t wait to make it over a hundred days this season!” Some things are better left unsaid…best mechanics gloves, work gloves, pugs gear

Unfortunately, the wonderful natural resources that Colorado offers us means that some people are just going to be extremely excited about winter. But I want to know why more people don’t blow up my social news feed during the winter with news about upcoming summer activities. Why aren’t more people excited about the summer? Or better yet, where are all the autumn enthusiasts? Where are the people saying “I cannot wait to wear shorts during the day and be totally fine at night so long as I bring a light sweater?” Where are the posts saying, “I have counted over 100 different colors of fall leaves?” Or better yet, “I can’t wait to break out my vast array of fall sweaters.”

Fall just doesn’t have the fanfare that winter has. Maybe this is because winter in Colorado last so much longer. Or maybe fall is just like the middle child of the family. People just won’t pay attention to it in the way they do for other seasons because it is more of a subtle season. It isn’t too hot. It’s not too cold. It is right there in the middle, and because of that, people will always overlook it, so I am writing this post as a tribute to fall.

Here at Pugs we want to offer a tribute to autumn. This is the season of football. This is the season of baseball playoffs. This is the very beginning of basketball season. As far as the seasons go, fall is a jack of all trades, and that is why we want to give it some notice. It is a beautiful time of year, and it deserves as much respect as winter and summer, and spring.  

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