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The 5 Best Fall Hiking and Biking Adventures!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 8, 2013 9:24:00 AM


Only Mother Nature knows the exact dates to enjoy the fall foliage colors while hiking or biking because how quickly leaves change color depends upon temperatures and moisture. So whether it’s the gold Aspens in Colorado, the White Mountains of New Hampshire or Yosemite Park in Northern California you can’t beat a hike or bike ride in the fall to see the awesome changing colors. It’s like eye candy for the soul.  Here are some of the all time favorite trails across our great country. cheap sunglasses

  1. Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado

  2. Appalachian Trail 003 Springer Mountain to Woody Gap  near Dahlonega, Georgia

  3. Grand Canyon-North Rim, Fredonia, Arizona

  4. Daniel Boone Scout Trail- Blowing Rock, North Carolina

  5. Chantry Flats- Arcadia, California

For more trail information in your area check out Traillink!

But like the changing colors the weather can change in a minute while you are out on that trail so layers of outdoor clothing are essential to any fall hiking or biking adventure.  You might start out in one of your long sleeve tee shirts and polarized sunglasses but soon find you need a jacket and winter gloves.  Or you might start out in the morning with a jacket and long sleeve tee shirts and find after a couple of miles that you are burning up. So how do you prepare for all the possible changes? First of all realize you could encounter many different conditions out there. Then use the old layering technique, carry a back pack full of lightweight outdoor clothing options and make sure you have rain gear along just in case.

Some other things to remember while hiking or biking in the wild this fall include making sure you bring a friend or let someone know exactly where you will be hiking and when you expect to be back home. Stay on marked trails, wear comfortable shoes with good support, take along a good compass and know what direction you should be heading, treat wildlife with respect and caution and take plenty of drinking water.

Enjoy the eye candy and adventure and tweet us photos of your favorite hiking places!


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