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Have You Checked Out Pugs Electronics?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 14, 2013 10:10:00 AM


Are you tired of low battery warnings or spending $40+ on cords & headphones? We are too! That’s why Pugs Gear has a line of affordable electronic accessories such as wall & car chargers, ear buds, transfer cables and over-the-ear headphones. PLUS get free shipping, our 100% satisfaction guarantee AND the benefit of the Pugs Gear lifetime warranty! Check out some featured products from our electronics line below. Find even more Pugs Gear Electronics at a store near you or on our website.


Apple Wall Charger

iphone charger













This All In One Charger has excellent phone compatibility with iPod, iPhone, and iPad Devices and include an extra long 4 foot cord. $21.99 and free shipping.


Ear Bud With Inline Mic














These Ear Buds with their cord mounted Answer/End button and microphone allow for hands free talk. Aluminum heads provide enhanced sound. Fits all 3.5mm ports.


3.5 Transfer Cable

aux cable













This 3.5mm MP3 Cable Fits all 3.5mm Ports. 3-foot long cable that plus your MP3 player or phone into your car stereo.


Micro USB Car Charger

usb car charger













This Micro USB Car Charger has excellent phone compatibility with Micro USB phones from Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Sanyo. Fast charging performance. Charges MP3, Smartphone, and Tablet Devices. Small compact design that illuminates when plugged in.


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