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Can Pugs Gear Help Your Morning Commute?

Posted by Marc Herschberger on Nov 6, 2013, 9:00:00 AM


Winter GlovesDaylight savings time has come just in time to allow us early risers the opportunity to see the sun again before we step into work in the morning, and with that and the changing season comes new challenges.  Pugs gear recognizes these challenges for those early birds and has a few ideas to help make your morning a little easier.

If you live in a cooler climate, I’m sure you’ve noticed the change in temperature for mornings.  Nothing is worse than walking out to your car in the cold air and realizing that you don’t have a nice pair of winter gloves to keep your paws warm while you scrape the ice off your windshield.  No instead, be prepared with the help from a large variety of glove options from Pugs gear ranging from thick, fingerless mittens to tech gloves to strong work gloves.  No matter what your cold morning asks of you, Pugs has your paws covered.

Gloves aren’t the only pieces of winter apparel you may need during your tough mornings.  Be sure to keep your ears and head warm with a cool beanie hat!  Whether you want a nice knit hat, a cool patterned beanie or a warm snowboarder’s hat, Pugs has your head covered so your ears don’t freeze off in the harsh conditions!

Finally, once you’ve faced the cold head on and won with the help from Pugs gear, take care to protect your eyes from the rising sun with a pair of affordable sunglasses.  Nothing is worse than trying to drive to work with the sun in your eyes and only the visor to help block the rays, minimizing your road visibility.  Don’t put yourself and others in danger and provide your eyes the protection and shade needed when headed east in the A.M.

Many people think of Pugs gear as a summer company, but in reality we’ve got you covered for the perils of winter as well.  So do yourself a favor and stock up on all your winter necessities before the weather starts getting too bad and be ready for your morning drive for the rest of the season!


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